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Why A Woman's Body is So Sexy Part II

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A woman's body is created to conceive, create, carry, birth and nurture a child to a point it has matured and can survive on it's own.

A woman's breasts are the only natural food source for the baby and a big set of "titties" look like breasts full of milk. This means the baby will have plenty to eat and will not go hungry during infancy. During the first few months of life, a baby's eyesight is limited to about 12 inches from their face. Their mother's nipples are larger and darker than the other parts of the breast to make a striking contrast of color, so finding them and partaking of their bounty is easier.

This visual excites a human throughout their entire life. A minute old baby is instinctively programmed to look and feel for that size, shape and color contrast since it means life sustaining food. Modern society creates bottles to imitate the color and texture of nipples to feed newborns.

The sight of breasts are appealing to older humans partly because they were programmed from birth to want to suck them, and partly because a nice set of breasts appeal to a man's idea of what he'd like his offspring to be nurtured by.

A woman's hips indicate several things. The width and curvature of a woman's hips indicate there will be enough space for delivering a baby and decreases the chances of the baby and/ or mom dying during childbirth. They also serve as a convenient place to prop a child while carrying it around- a subconscious mental image that causes agreeable feelings.

Studies show that the size of a woman's breasts, hips and waist are not nearly as important as the difference in proportions.  

The closer the proportions are to the waist being at least 10 inches SMALLER than the breast and hips- the more sexually attractive it is.

Why? Possibly because that space in the middle indicates there will be ample space for a baby to expand and grow healthily inside her body. Apparently while THAT fact is little understood, some part of it is important enough that it's got everyone singing about it.

Sir Mix-A-Lot "Baby Got Back"

"But I gotta be straight when I say
I wanna *f*ck* Till the break of dawn
… 'Cause your waist is small and your curves are kickin'
And I'm thinkin' about stickin'
Yeah, baby ... when it comes to females,
Cosmo ain't got nothin' to do with my selection.
36-24-36? Ha ha, only if she's 5'3".

Violent Femmes "36-24-36"

"See a girl walkin' down the street
just the kind of girl that I'd like to meetit ain't her hair, her clothes, her feet
somethin' much more discreet
now I ain't loud baby I ain't proud
I just want what I'm not allowed
movin on up & help myself
do a world of good for my mental health
something's brookin' that needs to be fixed"

Jin 36-24-36 (Applebottom Jeans)

"Heres Something That I Bet You Never Seen (Whats That) Asian Girl In Some Applebottom Jeans (Ok) 36 Uh 24 Uh 36 Uh, Baby Lets Go Uh

This Is Not A Song, Its A Dedication
For My Nation, A Celebration Its A Party U Dont Need An Invitation
But Back To Whats In Front Of My Facing Good God What A Beautiful Creation
…Its Ya Boy Jin Y'all Everybody Back Home Already Know
I Got Wild Love For Y'all But Check It Out, I Jus Got My Passport Renewed
So Ima Go Around The World Fo a Second Aite

Pajama Slave Dancers 36-24-36

"She came to my house just the other day.
My mom didn't like her. Well that's okay.
Read about her in a magazine.
Said she's the girl of my wettest dreams.
She's 36/24/36
She's 36/24/36
She's 36/24/36

Primer 55 "Texas 36-24-36"

"Head back to Texas 36-24-36
got those girlies all up in my mixshaking hips on the poles doing flips
and you know this head back to Texasthose pants got your ass lookin tight
I know, you know, you know you shake it just rightfrom the back from the front from the side
hush your mouth girl, I know you do it just right
make a man scream lord have mercy
back it up girl, lord have mercyyea your shit feels good to me
feels good to me."

AC/DC- Dirty Deeds Done Cheap

If you're havin' trouble with your high school headHe's givin' you the bluesYou wanna graduate but not in 'is bed [...but not in his debt]Here's what you gotta do - Pick up the phoneI'm always home Call me any timeJust ring 36 24 36 hey [36 24 36 hey

Snoop Dogg- Hourglass

"Don't you wanna get nasty,
I like it when you freak that ass
36-24-36 shaped like an hourglass
If ya doin' it wild in da club like a chicken with it's head cut off
Lawd, let me rub up on that c*** it feels so nice and soft"

UNK- Back it up

Back it up gon bring it right back
Work that ass make a nigga throw a stack
Tonka truck! She got a ass so fat ummm
I ain't seen nothing like that
This girl here be supa thick
Dj unk gotta have some of that
And I don't give a fuck who you wit

And the list goes on! The biological urge is strong. And the "hour glass" shape of a woman screams out "ready to make babies". These songs make perfect sense when you understand that biologically, when a guy sees a healthy, fit, attractive female with more or less genetically compatible features- his mental and physical response is to want to have sex with her- to impregnate her. He's like a bee that sees a good flower with sweet nectar and he wants to dip down for a sample and inadvertently pollinate her.

Some of the songs refer to the girl as being "thick", however, they're obviously not talking about her waist, but her meaty butt. And there are biological reasons THAT is considered attractive as well.

Ironically enough, the lean women of the cat walks and lingerie models, frequently DO have the correct numerical proportions with at least a ten inch difference, they're just not "voluptuous", so they're lacking the image of having a surplus of body fat around their feminine curve, or large developed butt muscle.

A well formed butt with "meat" on it indicates a strong muscle (fitness level- and inherited qualities of several generations of physically active and fit people) and adequate nutrition (over all health and living in an area and during a time where food is readily available)- Basically that this body can create and provide for a healthy baby.

In today's day and age though, food is readily available virtually everywhere in developed parts of the world, and a super lean body is not an indication of famine or an inability to obtain adequate food. It's simply a lifestyle choice and sometimes indicates a positive ability to overcome negative qualities like greed and gluttony in a society that has overall failed to use will power to curb their appetites.

The amount of excessive fat on a woman's body, and the size of her muscles are largely cultural preferences and often changes during different time periods throughout history.

Whatever personal taste, one thing is biologically clear- a thin waist is the ideal, and for very good reasons. Therefore fat women's bodies are not as sexual attractive to men, or appealing to women.

1) A fat woman looks already pregnant.
Therefore a man subconsciously thinks that having sex with her would be pointless since they would not be the father of her child- and that is a large part of the body's subconscious driving force behind a desire to have sex.

2) Really fat women are harder to get pregnant. All the extra fat makes getting deep penetration more difficult, the closer the sperm are to the egg, the better chances of pregnancy. The fat woman's lack of physical activity can also causes their menstrual cycle to become irregular and decreases the chance of pregnancy. (Important to note: the disruption of a menstrual and egg dropping cycle is also relevant with unhealthily thin women.) Fat woman are also less likely to want to have regular sex (due to early fatigue, poor body image and lack of hormone potency to pass through all the fat and cause the same chemical induce desire of a thinner woman) and infrequent sex means fewer chances to get pregnant.

3) A very overweight body is not running at full efficiency and therefore not a good incubator for a baby. People who carry around too much body fat are prone to a host of illnesses and disorders (everything from diabetes, high blood pressure to early arthritic, poor circulation, joint problems, swelling, water retention, trouble breathing, blood clots etc.) Fatter woman also have less muscle definition which is necessary for a healthy, natural delivery of the baby. Women who are leaner and physically active during pregnancy have healthier babies born with more strong lean muscle, better formed lungs (vital for survival) and some studies indicate- higher IQ's- from getting more oxygen and nutrient rich blood. These are just to name a few.

In some cultures however a more rounded figured woman is a more desireable thing. These cultures tend to place value on the fact that this woman has enough available food to actually eat more than necessary for basic survial and the additional fat "fills out" the parts of her body that are curved for sexual reasons.

Women find other attractive women's bodies appealing and sexually stimulating, because they subconsciously want those women to become pregnant as well. It doesn't do a woman a bit of good to have a child, if her child reaches adulthood and has no one to mate with.

Therefore, other women with bodies that indicate health, fitness, longevity, and good genes- are the ideal mothers from a physical standpoint- to increase the mate selection for each other's children. Women helping other women become pregnant and raise healthy children means survival of the species as well as their own genetic code.

And after all, the female body is a beautiful thing. Who wouldn't want to admire it?

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