Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Political Stance

Tuesday Nov. 4, 2008

I hate politics.

But I have to admit I can get pretty passionate about what I believe is good and right and bad and wrong.

We're nearing the end of time to deliberate about which way to vote. For better or for worse, it's time to make a decision and mean it. If I don't believe my voice counts, my vote counts and I don't feel strongly about what I believe in, I might as well stay home and not have a voice or a vote.

I understand that the choice is hard. I don't really like EITHER side. The funny thing is, I support the death penalty AND early term abortion. I think as long as a woman is early enough in her pregnancy that medicine alone can remove the pregnancy (from rape, incest, medical condition, birth defect, risk to mom etc.) and it's not used as an alternative to birth control, it should be an option. So... you can see how I can't really agree completely with either side either.

THAT being said... I KNOW how the Republicans feel about guns. And I KNOW how the Democrats feel about guns.

And 'Dammit'... I like my guns. I want to KEEP my guns and hell, I want MORE guns and I don't want the government taking them away or saying I can't have them as a clean-background, law abiding citizen who wants to protect my children from an intruder or shoot at targets for fun.

AND I don't want to have my taxes raised to take money away from my children's right to have music lessons and karate lessons and new school clothes, that are hard enough to pay for as a single mom, so that I can start paying EVEN MORE than I already do for the medical bills of some lazy person who won't get off their ass to get a job and pay for their OWN medical bills and is in and out of the hospital all the time because they have shit for a diet and wouldn't know an exercise if it slapped them in the face.

Did I mention paying for their food stamps, and electrical bill while they're out buying bling-bling and brand name clothing and leasing expensive cars, racking up credit card debt they never intend to pay off just so they can file for bankruptcy and get bailed out again… by my tax dollars??

I know what I'm talking about too. I was ON government assistance while in college and having my first baby and that was with both my ex AND I working AND going to school. And I was ashamed then to accept it. But you know, for four years before that I worked and paid taxes and I was only accepting government assistance in the form of medical insurance and WIC and didn't take food stamps even though we qualified for them… and that only lasted about a year. After that we went right back to paying back into the system.

But during that time…let me tell you... the medical insurance SUCKED. The doctors and nurses treated you like shit, you had to wait 3 hours just to be seen and everyone else there also with the government assistance looked like they had walked off a runway, talking on their cell phones, wearing their gold jewelry and driving their expensive cars taking food stamps and WIC coupons and tax payer medical insurance while some of us just didn't eat sometimes because we couldn't afford to have electricity AND text books AND food.

Government assistance is only supposed to be for a short period of time, and for people who just need a little help for a while. Not for generations of people to live off it and keep having more babies just so their monthly checks are bigger.

Ironically enough those are the SAME people who often end up in jail, once again living off tax payer's money and not contributing back to the system. And the Democrats would have us keep alive the most dangerous of people who cannot be trusted to live even with the OTHER criminals… and keep them alive all of their natural lives!!

I don't know about YOU… but I would rather see that money go into school education, more college scholarships for the underprivileged, after school programs to keep the kids off the streets and teach people skills so they can earn a living and proudly stand on their OWN two feet.

THEREFORE... I will be voting Republican tomorrow so I can earn my OWN happiness and not buy someone else it if they don't deserve it... AND so I can stop some criminal from destroying my life and the life of my children if they just so happen to decide that MY house or MY car looks like an easy target.

And given the fact that the Democrats want to take away MY right to have guns to STOP someone from killing my son, raping me or my daughters in MY OWN HOUSE and THEN taking away MY right to demand they get the death penalty....

At that point, the choice is really pretty simple.

I don't care about age, race or gender. Not on the street; or in the government.
I kinda wish McCain were black. Or that we had a black Republican candidate. That would really level the playing field. Then either way we could have a black president AND I would get to know that my rights weren't being taken away.

I just want to know I can protect my family- because you know the criminals will ALWAYS get their hands on weapons no matter what laws the government sets up. And I believe in everyone taking care of their own families and not expecting other people to break their backs to support someone else's who is too fucking lazy to support their own.

I'm sure this will anger or upset someone. But if I don't stand for something, then I stand for nothing. And I have to be true to myself, my family and my beliefs or I might as well not even be alive.

And if we cannot all accept each other's differences of opinions and respect each other's right to believe in different religions or lack of a religions, lifestyle choices, personal choices, etc… then maybe we shouldn't be friends. I'm not going to argue with or quit MY friendships with people just because we think differently, want different things or believe different things. I love diversity. I love variety. I love ALL my friends and want them ALL to be happy and successful.

As long as we can find some common ground- like the fact that we are ALL human and trying to find what happiness means to us without taking it away from someone else… then we can stand together, play together, eat together, talk together and live together. And THAT is what living in a free country is all about… right?

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