Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need

The name says it all.

About six years ago one of my slightly younger female cousins moved in with our grandparents for a while after getting out of a relationship. Not a big book enthusiast, as teenager I seem to remember her mostly reading teen horror books. So when I went over to visit her and noticed a thick blue book the size of an encyclopedia on her bed, my reaction was of course to immediately check it out. I always have to look at books.

I was raised with the very strong opinions that astrology is not only not something to believe or dabble in, but is of the devil. Strong condemnation indeed! Can it get worse than that?

Either way, I like to consider myself an open-minded person and am always looking for new ways to communicate and learn about people and myself.

After becoming deeply absorbed in the book long enough to lose track of time; my cousin having had long finished organizing her room and it was time for me to go, I stood resignedly, cradled the book in my arms pressing it to my chest and looking intently into her eyes begged: “Can I borrow this?”

Okay, so that might be a bit of over-dramatization.

Either way. I highly recommend this book.

It’s changed my life.

It might change yours too.

Haha. Oh geez. I’m too goofy to be blogging tonight.

(deep breaths)

Let me try this again.

I ended up buying a copy of this book and it became a source of entertainment if nothing else. Talking to people on the phone, I’d look up things about them to read to them, or tell them the prognosis for their compatibility with people they were looking to get into relationships with. At one point I misplaced the book and couldn’t find it for almost six months. I actually went out and bought another one. Yeah. It’s that good.

Not only did this book clarify a lot of things about myself, but because it’s been soo accurate on describing characteristics of the people I care about and interact with, I’ve taken to checking out their chart. I have to say, it’s greatly improved my relationships with virtually all of them. If nothing else, it explains certain previously unquantifiable things about them that I couldn’t put to words or they didn’t know to tell me about themselves.

I don’t read a daily horoscope. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t want something or someone telling me what to do or how to feel every day anyway, but it’s good to know the general properties of the people I spend time with or want to better interact with.

Since I’ve started checking out astrology I’ve noticed several consistent trends. The people I get along with best, are frequently the signs that my sign is most compatible with. The people I supposedly am the least compatible with, I often have either had problems or I’ve just never really had in my life.

It’s definitely given me a window into the psyche of many people. And while the source of this information is maybe difficult to place, anything that fosters understanding and improves relationships is definitely worth checking out.

And who knows? It just might change your life.

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