Sunday, November 16, 2008

Absurdities of Justice

Warning: some explicit language to follow. Sometimes 'strong language' is necessary to convey the degree of anger and feeling that goes along with an opinion.

It just about blew my mind when my eye caught the headline of an article on the news today: a man on death row who raped and murdered two young college girls, is claiming he's too fat to be executed.

How fat is too fat?

He's 5'7 and 267 pounds. Give me a break!

His lawyer argues that since his veins are hard to find, and he's been on headache medication long enough to build up a tolerance to it- which is similar to the medication used to sedate inmates before being given the lethal shot, he likely wouldn't be fully sedated at the time and his death would be "excruciating."

My first response to this is 'So fucking what?!" Who cares if his death is not painless? Was the fate of two innocent women at the hands of this murderer anything BUT excruciating?! Why should he get a painless death?!

Personally, I'd like to have his death be a mirror image of the ones he caused those women. That's right. It's brutal, but a beast- especially one who enjoyed the atrocity so much he committed it again- really deserves to know what he did to those young women.

So… sodomize the bastard and then knock him off in whatever way HE CHOSE for those girls.

After over two decades of lounging around in a federal prison getting fat, it might add a little 'excitement' to his life. How do the movies say it? His death might be the most real thing that has ever happened to him.

However: (Dammit- why can't justice be easy?) The only problem with that is that requires someone else to do the nasty deed. And I would not wish THAT on anyone.

Second best: take away his medication- so he develops a sensitivity to it again, and feed him only one small meal a day till he's at a normal weight and his veins are easier to find.

What are prisons coming to these days when they allow the inmates to get fat and lazy anyway?? What happened to the 'repaying a debt to society' thing? Does that just mean that among other amenities- they get free housing, free medical, vision and dental care, unlimited food and optional recreation???

Apparently. And I for one, AM NOT PLEASED!

Third best option: drop him in a dumpster and put a bullet in his head.

Maybe that should be the second choice actually. The other could take a while and in the mean time he might bitch and complain about headaches and belly aches and Bleep-only-knows-what while he loses the gut that YOU AND I- the tax payers- bought him.

From what I understand a bullet to the head would be pretty quick. And even fit the painless criteria that seems to be so relevant. You wouldn't even need a person to pull the trigger. Just rig a gun up to the dumpster where his head would be restrained and have someone on the opposite side of the compound push the "easy" button.

Wow. Think of all the money the government would save if they just dealt with half the violent criminals that way. Geez. How much does a box of 100 rounds cost? Under $30?

Why is it that the simple solutions constantly evade people?

Quick. Easy. Painless. Cheap even!

Hey…I'm sold on the idea! Now we just need to convince Congress…

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