Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Buy Guns

Gun Sales up 8-10 % in '08.

In light of some things I've heard and read about this coming election, *just in case* there are any changes made to the current gun laws, I decided to forgo a few other things to do with my money and drop a bit on a new gun this week. I've had my 9mm Glock 19 since May of '07 and now seemed like a good time to pick up a .45.

I did my homework online and decided since I would be practicing to compete and probably competing with this next piece, I wanted quality. You generally get what you pay for, and if a slightly higher price tag means greater accuracy measured even in millimeters, that could be the deciding factor between winning and losing. Besides unlike vehicles and jewelry, guns don't really lose their value.

I discovered that competing is typically done with 1911s and depending on what reviews page I read, the top three choices were: Kimber, Smith & Weston and Springfield. Having shot something from each brand name before, I was pretty comfortable accepting those to be the reigning champs. The Colt also had a strong following but I don't think I've shot anything made by them. I've shot a Taurus but wasn't particularly impressed with it and while I've had some good experiences with Berettas, I'm not as fond of the look of it as some of the other guns. I find I prefer my guns, like I prefer cars and motorcycles: sophisticated, sleek, black and chrome.

After work I went to A & P Arms off Lynnhaven where I have a membership to talk to the staff, possibly try out a few guns, deliberate and then decide later this week what to get. Monday is typically one of their slower days, which makes it perfect for more individual customer service and random conversation. My friends there (I guess I should call them "the employees") always take good care of me. Last night was no exception.

The opening conversation went something to the effect of:

Guy behind the counter named Joe: "Hey girl. Goood to see ya. Did you come here to shoot, buy or flirt?"
Me smiling: "Possibly all three."
Joe grinning back: "That's what I like to hear."

Although they didn't have any of the higher end 1911s that you could lease to try out, and I'd shot their available 1911 the last time I was there, Joe showed me four or five pistols for sale, which I examined for comfort, weight, ease of use, ease of reloading, any special features and appearance.

While I went there expecting to love the Kimber, ultimately I decided it was a bit top heavy which would eventually cause the nose to dip when my arm got tired. I didn't care for the feel of the S&W in my hand, and I worked my way though the others in a similar fashion.

The Springfield was my final choice. The weight seemed to rest in my hand rather than at the gun's nose; it was a comfortable fit. I liked the single action/double action option, the night sights, the beaver tailed grip safety that protects against hammer bite and the fact that the 8 (not 7) round magazine housing is beveled to slide in easily and eject completely for faster loading. I wasn't crazy about the plastic grips, but I should be able to replace those for under $20.

The gun comes with a locking case, three magazines, a plastic holster (Joe recommended buying a leather one) and a magazine caddy for the two extra magazines. The gun also has a key you can lock the hammer with.

I wasn't expecting to just walk in and pick out a gun to buy in under 40 minutes since I'd only just decided to buy a second weapon the day before yesterday! But as Joe said he "wouldn't be much good at [his] job", if he couldn't help the customers that way.

I had him show me how to "field strip" the gun. I'd dismantled and put back together a 1911 before, but it wasn't a Springfield and it was several months ago. (I found a video online that shows you how.) http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3LnlvdXR1YmUuY29tL3dhdGNoP3Y9TnlMXzliU05LSlk=
As I get into competing, I'll probably end up making some modification to this gun. And I'm certain this will be just the second of many guns I'll purchase. I'm already thinking of getting a .22 next since that is another gun used for competing. Guess I'll make that a '09 present to myself. :)

Oh, and next month I'm getting my concealed weapon permit. Given how closely my clothing usually fits me my biggest problem will be figuring out what to wear that I can hide a piece under! Winter may not be too much of a problem, but summer? My sundresses or pocket-less Capri's and a tank top with sandals hardly cover me, much less something approximately the size of one of my shoes! I guess that means I'll need to buy something tiny. (Maybe I'll buy two guns next year?!)

This is awesome! Kahr Mk40 http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3LnNlZWNhbXAuY29tL0xXU0NoZXJyeVBob25lLmpwZw==

This P32 is pretty sweet too~ http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3LmEtaHVtYW4tcmlnaHQuY29tL3AzMi9wZXJmb3JtYW5jZS5odG1s
Incidentally, the particular Springfield that I picked out was the only one A &P Arms had. So if you go there looking for it, you won't find it. Sorry~ It's already mine!

Additional Reading:

Review and story of his Springfields by Ssgt Mark. D. Littlejohn http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3LnNpZ2h0bTE5MTEuY29tL2xpYi9yZXZpZXcvdHdvX3NhLmh0bQ==

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