Saturday, February 7, 2015

Online Dating: Guy With Shortest Memory EVER

As my subscribed readers know, all 625 eh...9 of you, I don't pussy-foot around with people who need to get a bit of a reality check when it comes to stupid or unreasonable behavior in online dating. And man, do I have a doozy this time!

I really wish that I had saved the first half of the conversation. I really should have seen the signs and realized this was going to turn in to a blog.

So for his first message to me at 12:45 on a Tuesday night, this guy says:

Guy: Hey wanna join me tonight for some red wine, candlelight, romantic time on my beach condo oceanfront of chicks beach?

Me: Thanks, but it's late, I have to work in the morning and that doesn't seem like a smart way to meet. Besides, I don't drink alcohol. Ever. It's just not my thing. But thanks anyway.

Guy: (something to the effect of) You pretty girls think you are all the same. You play games on me. That is not the reason. Just be honest. Why can't you tell me the truth? I will show you a good time.  

So that is where this series of messages take off:

Notice that around 1:20 am I a gave up reasoning with this guy and went to bed. The next few messages he sends me are in the, count them...FOUR days following the messages where I told him repeatedly that I don't drink alcohol. Nor did I contact him first, or suggest that I was interested in him.

Seriously. This guy has enough ego for both people in a relationship. I don't know what he needs me for. He's plenty good at stroking his own ego. 

Could it really be that he thinks meeting someone for the first time at his house is the smartest and safest course of action?  For either of us? How does he know I won't show up with some guys and rob him at knife point?

Does he think that my saying "I don't drink" is code for "the offer isn't good enough but I really would drink if I were more attracted to you"??

Does he really think that meeting at 1 in the morning on a Tuesday night when I already said I have to work in a few hours is negotiable??  

I really don't know!

So how should I proceed? I've come up with a few possibilities..

1. Ignore/ block him. - Safest but most boring choice.

2. Continue to argue with him. - Most pointless option and definitely a waste of my time.

3. Punk him. Agree to meet him and then just never show. - He'll likely become even more bitter about female nature but maybe then he'd be mad enough to leave me alone!

So what do you think? What is the best way to deal with this guy who cannot remember from one 24 hour period to the next the only, single, definite thing I told him about myself.... that I NEVER drink alcohol!...

I'll consider any option at this point! I'd love to hear what you come up with!