Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Better Abs = Better Orgasms

You know you want them.

Tight, firm abs that beg for occasions to remove your shirt. A flat grill of a stomach that leaves the opposite sex aroused and drooling to stroke and trace the muscle indentations.

If sex appeal isn’t enough of an incentive, and the promise of ‘better sex’ is only a step in the right direction, then maybe knowing that even the orgasms you have on your own will be 100 times better will be the final push for you to put in the extra effort.

That’s right. Amazing abs equals amazing orgasms. An orgasm is caused by the tightening of muscles and a chemical release in the brain. It makes sense that the more powerful your muscles, the more powerful of an orgasm you can have.

It is also possible that having strong abs will allow you to have longer orgasms and have them more often. So even if you’re without a partner, your sex life could be better! And who doesn’t want better orgasms, more enjoyment and more pleasure?

You don’t need a gym membership to get fit. You don’t need a personal trainer, a personal chef or someone to fix food for you. You just need to have a strong commitment to fitting more exercise into your daily life and make some sacrifices in what you eat.

Chances are your diet is loaded with unhealthy, fattening, artery clogging (life shortening) food anyway.

It really wouldn’t take much effort to make healthier choices.
There are all kinds of great resources available and for all income levels.

Two of the simplest things you can do is
1. buy a jump rope ($12.00) to use 15 minutes a day
2. cut high calorie drinks (like soda and alcohol) from your diet

Other options include:

Doing sit-ups daily
Using a Wii-fit
Using a workout video
Running for 30 minutes (or longer) a few times a week
Taking a body conditioning or weight training class at the local community college
Joining a community fitness program

There are tons of online resources and help groups for people trying to lose weight, put on muscle and have fitter bodies. There are hundreds of fitness programs and different kinds of equipment to help you tone and strengthen your body.

Then you’ll be excited and prepared for beach and pool parties, revealing Halloween costumes and those unexpected sexy rendezvous with an enticing partner who cannot wait to get you naked.

While the results do take time, slow and steady progress will get you the sexy ripped look you’re dying to have. Physically, psychologically and emotionally you’ll be better off from eating better, working out more and orgasming more often.

Having regular orgasms have been proven lengthen a person’s lifespan. So not only do you get to have fantastic orgasms and an amazing rockin’ body, but you’ll get to live longer to enjoy both.

The good news is that having better, longer, harder, stronger orgasms is entirely in your power. And yeah, you might have to work for it. But everyone knows that the best things in life are worth having…and are also free.

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