Monday, January 11, 2010

Health Care: Now Discouraging Marriage

New And Improved Health care: Penalizing the married and encouraging people to live together rather than get married thanks to the Obama administration!

Under the new health care plan married couples will now pay thousands of dollars more for the exact same coverage as non-married couples living together.

Read this article.

Who would have guessed that the government doesn't want people to get married?

Maybe gay and lesbians shouldn't be so upset they weren't permitted to get married this last time the same sex marriage legislation failed. Getting married would just mean higher insurance premiums.

But then again, Obama has always announced he was going to bring CHANGE. I guess he wasn't joking.

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Allan said...

After reading this very same article (yesterday?), I got a kick out of the thought of a gay couple sitting around and saying, "Man, I sure am glad they wouldn't let us get married..."

Then I had a bit of a realization. $3,450 for a years health insurance? For people who should theorhetically be young to middle aged and at least a little healthy? That seems steep.

It may seem hard to believe but actually MADE money through my health insurance policy this year as opposed to spending almost $300 a month on it. Granted, I'm single, fit, healthy and have no kids which is the exception in every case to the rule but if you can't qualify for or would find no benefit in a plan such as mine and are forced to buy gov't insurance because we are all suddenly required to have insurance or face a fine or jail time, Uncle Sam's premium is another car payment! Not to mention the backwards approach of fining someone for not buying something they can't afford. Because if they can't afford it to begin with then obviously a fine or throwing them in jail where they cannot work is going to go a long way in rememdying that little issue...