Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dating: Scary People: Beware the Online Creep!

I don’t normally do this. I don’t usually share private content of letters of people who write to me, or reveal who I’m talking about when I describe a dating situation I’ve had in the past.

But I think this joker needs to have the cat let out of the bag about him. Because clearly he’s not the kind of person who knows a) how to respect a woman b) understands that “no” means “no” or c) recognizes that when you are rejected, you don’t persist (especially in a creepy and gross way.)
I am not including the first two exchanges, mostly to protect this guy’s privacy to some extent, because he included his full name in the message; and partly because I already deleted it.  But it went basically like this:

Message from SharingWithU: Hi, my name is……. But you can call me what all the other ladies call me Mr. Creepo. =)

Message from Me: Ummm, is that a joke? Or does that line actually work with women?

The rest of the message is below:                                                           


I think the timing of this coming on Halloween is pretty weird. Turns out there are more things to be scared of at Halloween besides teenagers in masks.

I guess I don’t need to tell this guy he’s a creep, he introduced himself that way.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dating: Crazy, Funny, Cool: What's Really Weird or Normal Anyway?

We all love to laugh. We're born seeking enjoyment from life and wanting to share it with those around us.

Certain kinds of humor seem to be nearly universal. And certain people are really good at making people laugh. Some people have made entire careers from it.

But not everyone likes the same kind of funny. We even have labels to help distinguish between the kinds of funny. There is goofy, silly, nerdy, dorky, campy, slapstick, screwball and just plain weird, to name a few.

But how do you find someone who shares your humor? And how do you show your sense of humor without coming on too strong or scaring away someone who appreciates a different kind of humor than you?

There are a few simple ways with on-line dating to show your inner comedian without blowing your chance with someone.