Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dating: Scary People: Beware the Online Creep!

I don’t normally do this. I don’t usually share private content of letters of people who write to me, or reveal who I’m talking about when I describe a dating situation I’ve had in the past.

But I think this joker needs to have the cat let out of the bag about him. Because clearly he’s not the kind of person who knows a) how to respect a woman b) understands that “no” means “no” or c) recognizes that when you are rejected, you don’t persist (especially in a creepy and gross way.)
I am not including the first two exchanges, mostly to protect this guy’s privacy to some extent, because he included his full name in the message; and partly because I already deleted it.  But it went basically like this:

Message from SharingWithU: Hi, my name is……. But you can call me what all the other ladies call me Mr. Creepo. =)

Message from Me: Ummm, is that a joke? Or does that line actually work with women?

The rest of the message is below:                                                           


I think the timing of this coming on Halloween is pretty weird. Turns out there are more things to be scared of at Halloween besides teenagers in masks.

I guess I don’t need to tell this guy he’s a creep, he introduced himself that way.

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