Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wiki-What?? Electrician Penis Obsessed Much?

Are you the Do-it-yourself kind of person? Tend to find yourself tackling projects on your own and scouring the web for "How To" sites? Well, it turns out you might get your kicks along with that useful information at Wiki-How. A search on "How To" become an electrician brought up these surprisingly sexual pictures.

Gather round everyone and take a look at this picture. Please tell me... what do you see?

From where I stand, it looks like a whole lot of artsy male anatomy and a cartoon worker holding a penis in his hand.

Wait. If this is a site for electricians, then why are we looking at someone working on what appears to be the interior of male *plumbing*??

Seriously though. Isn't Wiki-How supposed to be a professional site that offers legitimate advice and information to employment seeking, degree earning individuals? So what are with the colorful appendages?

Honestly, this picture would make a great backdrop for a photo-op at a gay club featuring men in costume dressed as "The Village People".

Now we just need one of these...

And the only thing this guy is missing is a tool belt. Hmmm. I bet there's a Wiki-How page on how to make one...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Money Alone Won't Stop Poverty and Crime

This video is a few years old, but if you aren't familiar with world geography, you should probably pay attention to what is making other countries succeed or fail. This is one example of a place that once was succeeding but for several years now, has been on a hellish downward spiral.

Just throwing money at the problem won't improve the situation though. Only changing the leadership of the area and the surrounding areas to people who honestly want prosperity and opportunities for the general population and improving the health and safety measures for the law abiding citizens can bring about an improvement.

As tempting as it might be to blame the "wealthy white" nations for this kind of poverty, it's best to keep in mind that if the leaders of cities like this actually cared about their people and weren't greedy, corrupt and selfish, the city would be flourishing and self-sustaining without any unsolicited outside support.