Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Relationship: How Unrealistic Expectations Are Destroying Dating And Marriage

Online Dating Questions and Answers:
 (or in this case, a response to a comment):

"I find other women being too good for anyone and way too concerned with individuality and appearing to be more like a prize than an equal partner."
- Mike, 32

It might help if you remember that this generation of women dating right now were raised on Disney Princess stories and all imagine they're deserving the fairy tale life that they grew up thinking could be/should be reality. No previous generation if women had that level of expectations engrained into them. Each one believing they are "special and uniquely valuable just the way they are".

The goal might have been to help girls grow up with self-esteem and avoid abusive relationships, but I think it's created unrealistic expectations about "not settling" regardless of how much or little the women have to offer. 

So what IS realistic? Let's make a list.