Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So I Met Brett Favre Last Weekend…

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I was actually only passing by Keagans Irish Pub at the New Town Center off Virginia Beach Blvd. Friday night after going to a farewell for a military friend, and decided to stop in. I frequently go to clubs and bars by myself. I usually don't have trouble finding someone to talk to and I enjoy people watching. I planned to just duck in and out again.

I drank water, talked to a few people and took a few walks around the bar. There didn't seem to be any unusual commotion going on inside, and the distribution of people was about how it always was, so I didn't think there was anyone special in the room.

Around 1:45 a.m. I decided to leave. I was walking outside when a guy standing outside the entrance (I assumed maybe worked there) asked me why I was leaving alone. I said I arrived alone and was going home. He said it was too early to be going home and that I shouldn't be leaving alone.

Another guy, (an employee?) came out telling the other guy standing outside that Brett Favre was inside, and did he know that? The third guy seemed interested and surprised saying he hadn't seen him in there.
I asked "Who is that?"

They all turned to me amazement and said, "You don't know who Brett Favre is??"

"No. Should I?"

Apparently that was the wrong response. They gave me a lot of crap for confessing I didn't have a clue, but didn't say WHO he was or WHY I should know him. I started to wonder if this Brett Favre was just one of their buddies and they were just messing with me. This wouldn't have been a stretch of the imagination because the guy who said I shouldn't be leaving yet kept trying to touch me, grab my arm, etc. and it was starting to tick me off.

Finally one of the guys asked: "Well do you know who Steve Young is? Or Joe Montana?"

I admitted that I did, but I was raised in a Mormon family and so of course I knew who Steve Young is. He's very open about his membership to the church and is well known throughout the church. I wasn't really sure why I knew who Joe Montana was. I think he went to some event that I attended back in California when I was younger. At least then I knew this Brett guy was a football player! I'd heard of the Green Bay Packers, but didn't know any of their players.

I was starting to feel a bit silly at their amazement, but also defensive because well why should I know who any football player is when I've really had nothing to do with football my entire life- and have no family members who watch football or who are loyal football fans- of ANY team??

It was time for Last Call, so I decided to hang around and see the supposed celebrity as he left- just so next time I would not feel dumb by not knowing this 'sport legend'.

After a stream of people left, out walked this tall, somewhat broad, pleasant looking guy with a bit of facial hair and who's full head of hair was turning salt n pepper. A group of people on the corner clapped, shook his hand and congratulated him; got a picture or a signature while he smiled and indulged their enthusiasm.

Recognizing now that this was not some joke, and this guy really was well-known, I felt a bit sheepish.
I've heard reference to many sports figures, but unless the names have a reason to stick with me, I don't remember them. I can probably count on two hands the number of times I've ever watched any televised football, for any reason.

Satisfied that this was legit I turned to head back to my car when all of a sudden I heard:

"Hey Brett, there's this girl you've gotta meet~!" "She doesn't know who you are!" "She's never even heard of you!"

Then I was really embarrassed. Thanks guys for making me sound like a foreigner in my own country!

We shook hands while I apologized profusely and launched into my explanation that I was raised by quiet Utah Mormon grandparents and never lived in a house that watched ANY kind of sports.

"Not football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf…"

He jumped in at this point and asked with a chuckle "Bowling?"
"Nooo.. not even bowling... or polo."

He shook his head with a smile at that last one and said he wasn't offended that I didn't know about him. But it had to have been a huge change for him to be talking to a grown American woman who had no idea he existed!

I'd left my phone in my car, so getting a photo was out of the question. Neither one of us had paper or pen, so asking for an autograph seemed pointless too. The buddies he came with were talking to a few girls and couples out in front of the place, which gave us the chance to talk a bit longer.

I mentioned that I was having laser hair removal done (underarms, legs, etc.) and Brett said he'd had the area around his neck done years ago and wanted to know if the procedure is the same.

He said he was retired, but was thinking about getting back into the game. I got the feeling he found retirement rather boring.

During our conversation, I kept moving to stand behind him or the other side of him because the one guy kept trying to touch me, take my arm, touch my clothes. Then he'd turn around to pull up the pant leg of some other girl to look at her shoes. At least I wasn't the only recipient of his unsolicited attention.

So that's when a few people were walking down the street and suddenly that irritating guy was behind me and brushed against the back side of me - I told Brett I was about ready to kick his friend's ass. Brett laughed and explained to his touchy feely friend that I didn't appreciate his advances, but the guy never seemed to get it. I don't know if he was imbibed, persistent or both.

I think I amused Brett. And since I was not all in awe of him like the other people, I talked to and joked with him with the same casual friendliness I would have, if his job were as a janitor at an Elementary school, and he'd never done a noteworthy thing in his life. That was possibly a nice change for him. Either way, our conversation held his attention for close to forty minutes.

I proceeded to ask him a bunch of questions ("So do you live around here?") he's probably not had to answer- ever- because his life story is all over the internet, on the book shelves and magazine racks and he has a line of memorabilia that people have been collecting for over a decade.

It was about 2:30 a.m. when his buddies were halfway walking to the parking garage and it was just he and I standing out still by my car (having gotten there so late, I scored a parking spot just outside the door) talking.

I asked- had to- if he had a Myspace page. He laughed and said no. Before saying good night he offered a hug asking if I'd want to kick his ass too since I hadn't like the other guy touching me. I smiled and told him it was fine since HE at least hadn't been trying to molest me all night.

It's a shame we won't be able to talk again. He was really easy to talk to.

After getting home, I of course, Googled him.

After the overwhelming amount of info out there about him, I felt a twinge silly again for not remembering having ever heard of him.
It was really interesting to be able to read all about him, his past failures and successes, his wife and children (I'd assumed he had those, MUST have those, although we hadn't talk about them), and injuries, addictions and charity foundations.
Too bad he doesn't have a Myspace page. We'd definitely be friends.

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