Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

While going through a box of papers in my garage I found a bunch of poems and stories I wrote in high school. This, I think is one of the better ones. This was the begining of 11th grade


Walking through the hallways,
Of time and life and space,
I'm looking for compassion,
For hope and love and grace.

I'm searching for devotion,
For peace and honesty.
I'm trying to find the promise land,
From stories told to me.

I'm seeking out the courageous,
And the ones pure of heart.
I'm sure in my search I'll find a few,
But where am I to start?

I'm looking for the ones
Who'll stand for what is right.
Who'll take their place beside 'Truth',
And won't quit without a fight.

But as I glimpse at souls,
I tremble at what I see.
So much at uselessly covered up,
So much that shouldn't be.

I search empty eyes that speak no truth
And cover up the lies.
I see the hate all twisted up
The heart that's knotted and tied.

I'm trying to understand it all,
But comprehension flees my mind.
I came looking for simple, just, true love
And closed doors are all I find.

Empty, hollow, shallow grief,
And depression all around.
So many lost and all alone,
Are they wanting to be found?

How can you help these people,
Scarred by life since their birth.
Who have given up on themselves,
Because they feel they're of no worth.

How can you change a heart,
That will not feel or love?
How can you mend a broken spirit,
Unable to rise above?

When I came I didn't expect too much,
But I didn't foresee the pain.
For if you look out with dream struck eyes
Your looking is all in vain.

- Jaclyn

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