Friday, November 14, 2008

Popping My Own Cherry

Although I set up this account months ago, this is my first official post. (See Jen, I did find another opportunity to use that word!)

And although I was a compulsive journal writer from the tender age of 8, and have at some points in my life written daily, I do not intend to use this as a public journal. Instead I’ll post articles I’ve written whenever I feel I have something truly meaningful to say or something worthwhile to share.

Life is an amazing journey of events, activities and opportunities for self-development and personal growth and forging friendships with amazing people who impact our lives and forever alter our perspectives.

Everyone has a unique collection of ideas, ideals, experiences and upbringings that enable them to bring something new to the table. I’m just doing my part to add to the musings about this state of being, of living. I look forward to the opportunity to learn and savor this human experience. If then, I can enlighten, entertain or inform just one person, I’ll be satisfied.

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