Saturday, November 15, 2008

Theories on Music, Dancing & Sex

I've gone to a number of music concerts this summer. While there I have been trying to figure out the connection between musicians/ dancers and what causes them to make a person want to drop their pants.

I believe nearly everything has some biological connection, and while jamming out to Poison, Finger Eleven, John Mayer, 311 and Nickleback among others, I thought about what role music and musical ability could have in perpetuating survival of the species.

I'm of the opinion that nearly every facet of life revolves around survival: Surviving while alive and creating/ sustaining the next generation. The two goals of any living thing, are ultimately:

1) manage to stay alive as long as possible and
2) pass on something about yourself to future generations
(typically through genetic codes/ having children, but can be through making lasting contributions to society.)

True, humans unlike most other creatures have the desire and drive to create art, beautify and do other forms of personal expression that may or may not be vital for the raw survival of the species. However, they do seem to indicate that the carrier of those characteristics is also the carrier of genes that will survive life well.

I've talked before in another blog about alpha male characteristics, (A Woman's Advice to Guys) and performing ties into that. People who are confident and self-assured enough to stand in front of dozens, or hundreds or thousands of people, and do anything- have alpha characteristics. They have or develop leadership skills and the ability to affect and influence a crowd. Those are desirable characteristics to have in a partner and a parent of your offspring, who will also likely inherit those characteristics.

Many creatures create music to attract mates. Crickets rub their hind legs together, birds warble, cats yowl, whales sing. Harmonious, well developed voices, could be a result and indication of symmetry- something that generally indicates strong, healthy genetics. People with pretty voices also tend to have pretty, symmetrical faces.

Everyone knows that fair or not, pretty people and creatures get more advantages, more attentions and are more likely to receive help when needed and offers for survival related amenities: promotions, free stuff, financial assistance, etc. It makes sense that those would be favorable characteristics to pass onto ones offspring. Pretty voices, could mean other people will help ensure their safety and survival.

Certainly, artists in the musical profession often have a great deal of financial success. The general population pays them very well just to be entertained by their voices. We are so enamored by the sounds emitted from their vocal chords we exchange our own survival related commodities (money) sometimes at the sacrifice of other more necessary things, just for the right to stand or sit and listen to them. We are certainly contributing to their personal survival!

Dancing is also a common indication of sexual readiness and physical prowess.
Flip through a few episodes of Wild Planet or the Discovery Channel and you're sure to at some point see a flock of birds rhythmically bobbing around on the ground, insects flitting about, and various mammals promenading to attract the attention of the other gender.
Dancing is and always has been a vital part of tradition in every culture, though at times throughout periods of suppression was banned by various religious groups. The fact that it alludes to sex is instinctively felt, if not completely understood. Most cultures understand though that it is completely natural, extraordinarily healthy and highly enjoyable.

Dancing strengthens and tones muscles, develops cardiovascular (lung) health, and promotes endurance and stamina. In the event of a need for "flight or fight", people who can dance well and for prolonged periods of time, would likely also do well at fleeing or fighting. Success in fleeing or fighting once again translates into survival. Therefore, using inductive reasoning: Dancing is an indication of a person's ability to survive.

Dancing, not just a pass time or good exercise indicates physical fitness, a symmetrical body, and the rhythm of lovemaking. Successful lovemaking (before the invention of birth control methods) assured conception of a child and thus survival of the genetic codes of both parents. Dancing indicates a person could be good in bed.

What about musical instruments? The invention of basic musical instruments go back to the dawn of humanity. I could completely deviate from my original premise and talk about how musical vibrations affect and influence a person. I'll try to stick to the topic as they related to perpetuating survival and mate selection.

Music/ sound vibrations can calm, arouse, inflame, excite, relax, irritate and hypnotize people. The body is comprised of atoms that vibrate, and I would argue that musical vibrations can alter the vibrations on an atomic level causing emotion fluxes and physical reactions. Certain sounds can be downright painful to endure. Other sound vibrations can cause release in the brain of the same chemicals released during orgasm.

It would make sense that nature would indicate something positive through pleasure. It causes one to seek out those things that cause the feeling of pleasure. Feeling pleasure almost assures that the something will be repeated to experience that pleasure again. So, viewing or hearing something that nature deems positive (a demonstration of survival characteristics or species survival related activity), is followed by a pleasure-feeling response.

As for the sexual appeal of person who can skillfully play a musical instrument, I suggest that's purely about pleasure. A person who learns to play any of most musical instruments needs to develop patience, strong fingers and endurance in their forearms or mouths. Those sounds to me like skills that would be very advantageous to have in a sex partner.

Patient people will do more foreplay (pleasure) have longer lovemaking sessions (pleasure) and are more likely to do afterplay (pleasure). From a woman's standpoint, she is also more likely to achieve orgasm or multiple orgasms if her partner is a) patient and b) has the finger strength and arm endurance to stimulate her as long as it takes. What woman wouldn't seek that out?

So, going back to the music concert. You have people on the stage who are singing, dancing, playing instruments and performing in front of a crowd. In addition to providing pleasurable entertainment, these individuals are the embodiment of many desirable characteristics for a lover/spouse and to parent a child with. Is it any wonder the music industry is so hugely successful? It taps directly into a wide range of survival related, pleasure experiencing needs and wants.

It's pretty safe to say that learning how to play an instrument or taking a dance class could very well get you laid. Depending on your perspective on the order of things, that might also translate into wedding bells and the pitter-patter of little feet.

I think I'm going to go dust off my guitar and try out a few chords…

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