Monday, November 17, 2008

My Hit List (Things I've Never Done...Yet!)

I posted this list last summer, added to it and done a few. Highlighted means I've done it since I first posted this list. While some of these will take some time- I'd really like to knock few more out before this year is over!

There is a game called "I have never". I knew of it as a Girls Camp campfire game, but you might know of it as a drinking game. Basically everyone goes around the group and states something they have never done. Anyone in the group who has done that, either tosses in one of the (10-20) sticks they collected, or takes a shot. Ultimately, the person who wins is the person who has done the fewest things.

I have a hate/love relationship with that game. I love it because unless there is someone under the age of 12 in the group, I'm gonna win. I hate it because unless there is someone under the age of 12 in the group, I'm gonna win. This means that most 12 year olds have done more things than I have. Wanna guess how much that sucks?

So I'm going to create a list of things I have never done.* And then make it a goal to eventually do all of them! (And yes, this list is a bit embarrassing.) In no particular order:

Go fishing and catch a fish
Go hunting
Play laser tag
Sky dive
Play paint ball
Go on a cruise
Travel outside the continental United States
Go white water rafting
Sing Karaoke
Play "real" golf
Attend a "real" basket ball game (other than church or high school)
Host a dinner party
Buy another motorcycle
Help demolish a building
Be an extra in a film
Play poker (any kind!)
Build a bonfire
Learn to lay tile
Chop wood
Run in a event or for a cause
Run in a marathon or half marathon
Have a gym membership (outside of college fitness classes)
Get a professional massage

Jet ski
Play racquetball
Milk a cow
Buy a gun
Build a gun
Dirt bike
Skeet shoot
Visit all 50 states (17 down, 33 to go)
Wind surf
Dance on a bar
Visit Canada
Visit Ellis Island
Do an obstacle course
Go to Bush Gardens
Shoot outside
Shoot competitively
Get my concealed weapons permit
Play on a softball team
Hit a homerun
Take back up martial arts
Learn to knife throw
Play an entire song on the guitar
Play an entire song on the piano
Snow mobile
Replace a major engine part
Have a book published
Have a magazine article published
Visit the Outerbanks
Attend a New Year party
Attend a Chinese New Year party
Attend a Mardi Gras party
Visit Miami Beach, Fl
Build a house
Ride in a hot-air balloon
Visit an exotic location
Test drive a Ferrari/ expensive sports car
Be in a parade
Start my own blog
Win a local baking contest
Place in a photogaraphy contest
Win a writing contest (besides school)
Buy myself a bicycle
Buy a truck
See the Cirque du Soleil
Ride a horse by the ocean
Scuba dive
Ride a mechanical bull

Things I've never done, but am not sure I want to try:

Go on a blind date
Eat sushi
Be hypnotized
Play rugby
Use snowshoes
Ice fish
Get a pedicure
Play spin the bottle
Dye my hair black
Dye my hair red
Bungee Jump
Skinny Dip
Mountain bike
Go to a Casino

Things I've never done and never will:

Drink alcohol
Smoke- anything
Try drugs
Drink Coffee (I'm too hyper as it is!)
Get a tattoo

* this list is incomplete, there are actually more things I have never done, as I think of them, I'll update this list!

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