Tuesday, August 11, 2009

History Repeating Itself

China has been making the news a lot for very surprising and potentially reeling things.

But with a continent that contains 1,319,175,356 people they can't really do anything small or discrete.

As we saw with the Olympics they have to make an impression. As if they don't have enough population problems on their hands, they've had to quarantine certain areas because of a strain of the Bubonic Plague.

I know. It's the thing of history books. It happened such a long time ago it almost seems like it could have been made up. Something THAT catastrophic couldn't possibly have happened to so many people.

But that's the point.

It's horrible. It's scary. And it's sometimes uncontrollable, but the fact remains: History sometimes repeats itself.

And people who don't study history and learn from the mistakes of others- as individuals, as families, as communities, as nations- are dooming themselves to needlessly repeat mistakes.

Now, I don't know that there is anyway to have prevented this potential epidemic,and I certainly hope it is quickly contained and stopped before anyone else can suffer and die.

But we should certainly pay heed to the past and present and control what we have to make sure they don't become an unfortunate part of our future.

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