Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gats & Revolvers: It Doesn't Have To Be a Stand Off

What Rappers Can Learn From Country Singers:

1. Love Your Women.
Pick ONE girl. Be faithful to her. And then LOVE her. Say it. Show it. Don't be ashamed of it.

2. Take Care of Your Children.

3. Show Some Gratitude And American Pride.
It seems like some people are so pissed off about how their ancestors got to America, that they forget (or don't realize) how lucky they are to live here!

4. Give Back To The Community.

5. Showing Emotion Isn't Weakness.

6. Respect Doesn't Require A Bullet Or A Dollar Sign.

7. Love Is NOT Synonymous With Lust.
Anyone who's reached sexual maturity can get aroused. All that means it their body can pro-create. Showing physical desire for someone doesn't mean you care about them.

8. There Is More To Life Than Fighting And Fcking.

9. Character And Honor Aren't Bought, Intimidated or Stolen.
They're EARNED with dedication and a lifetime of hard work. Much like everything else in life. You shouldn't expect anyone to hand them to you and you should be doing things to DESERVE them!

10. YOU Are NOT The Center Of The Universe.

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