Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little Girl Jackie Chan

If Jackie Chan were 14, a girl and played a slightly mentally retarded kid, this would be his story.

Yanin Mitananda (aka Jajee Yanin) is absolutely amazing!

I saw the movie "Chocolate" that she stars in.




Talk about a tough act to follow!

It's a though a Japanese Romeo and a Juliette from Thailand created an autistic female Bruce Lee child with savant fighting skills.

The movie is even more impressive when you find out at the end that the actress Yanin has no stuntmen for any of the fight scenes. This is ALL her kicking butt in a cold, hard war between mobs story.

And they don't cut any slack for Yanin being a female or a child. Without cables or nets or even a chance to really stop and catch her breath, she takes on sometimes 20 men at a time. In a meat processing factory, an ice making factory and along the railings of a three story building there are a plethora of sharp, dangerous objects to be flung around and slammed into.

And unlike with Hollywood films where at the end of the movie you see the bloopers, at the end of this one you see that with the making of every fight and chase scene someone gets honestly hurt. Gushing blood, bruises, neck braces, and endless ice packs follow. They also show a close up of digging broken glass from Yanin's small hand.

Don't let the child star fool you. This is absolutely not a family movie.

It is worth watching though, if you are at all a fan of martial arts, fight movies or girls that can kill butt even if the plot is only there to give her a reason to fight.


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