Sunday, August 9, 2009

This Is NOT A Test!

Random Guy Wanting To Chat: Hi. You seem like an (attractive girl with a tight body) fun person. Tee Hee. Wanna chat?

Me: Hmmm. Hi. Your page says you're getting a degree in Kinesiology. I'm not really familiar with that but since you're graduating from college with a degree in it, maybe you can explain what kind of career you can to use that for?

Random Guy Wanting To Cha
t: Hee hee. You must have liked my pictures! Did I pass the test?

Me:... What test??


I realize that my perspective on a LOT of things regarding guys was forever changed once I discovered that guys automatically group all girls into one of two categories:

Yes- I'd sleep with her.
or NO- I wouldn't sleep with her.

And I also realize that this is usually (aka. pretty much *always*) decided in the first three seconds that a guy lays eyes on a girl. Note: Eyes. This is strictly about visual appearance here. Even if the visual is in the form of pictures.

And since people usually think other people feel and think the way THEY themselves do, it's not such a leap to figure out that probably guys think if you're talking with them- you'd be willing to *sleep* with them.

But I have to let you in on a secret guys- I can't speak for all women, but NOT all women categorize guys like that. (Actually there are only one, possibly two women I can think of who DO think that way.)

And because of that, I do on occasion FORGET that guys think this way. And I actually forget that they are probably imagining us engaged in certain *activities* rather than engaged in an interesting, humorous or (heaven forbid!) intellectual conversation.

Because after all, we're not talking about hitting a club or a bar or browsing a "Mature Adults" add in Craigslist to pick a one night stand. We're talking about a random typed conversation between two adults who live anywhere between a couple cities to thousands of miles and several time zones away from each other.


There IS something to be said of conversation- regardless of how unfit or ill suited the other half of the conversation is- for *anything* more!

I firmly believe that everyone knows something that you do not. They have experiences, wisdom, skills, knowledge (or at least curious trivia) that you do not. And if you refuse to talk to someone based upon their unfitness for anything more permanent in your life than a chat- you'll pass up on opportunities for personal growth and potential friends.

Furthermore, I don't care HOW hot a guy is- if he's an ass, conceited, smokes, isn't a decent person or can't carry a conversation in a bucket- I'm never gonna be turned on by him enough to want to shake his hand, much less shag him.

Being good looking is NO guarantee that I'd wanna sleep with you. Some girls may just want a pretty face and/or a hard body to ride, but I want to know I'm with someone who is more than just a breathing male blow-up doll.

And despite my raging libido, sometimes I just really wanna connect with someone on a mental level.

You know. Conversation.

So FYI: If it seems like there is something I might be able to learn from you, or you have the ability to at least help me banish boredom for a while- then yes, I'll talk with you. But do not think for a millisecond that it means you have prayer of us EVER being lip-locked with you between my legs!

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