Monday, August 24, 2009

Sexified & Shunned: Gun Weilding Women

What guy isn't crazy about Laura Croft? She's sexy, smart and kicks ass. But unlike 'tough girls' of the past (think Wonder Woman) females nowadays get more than a rope to kick that ass with.

Unless you're a living breathing human. Then, as a female guys are either scared you'll hurt yourself or someone else shooting a gun, or they're honestly a little intimidated by your finesse, skill and general lack of helplessness.

So what is up with this? Gaming girls, female comic book heroines and cartoon females are sexy and appealing if they can shoot (but also have to have amazing boobs)... where as guys just love to make fun of girls who are afraid or not strong enough to shoot guns in real life.

While there are some guys who genuinely think it's hot when a girl can handle herself with a weapon, and aren't actually intimidated by it (usually because they themselves are pretty confident of their own shooting skills)- they tend to be the minority.

I guess the rest of the guys out there really don't want the reality, they're content to keep smart, competent girls a fantasy: easily controlled and not threatening their manhood.


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Allan said...

We just don't want you hurting your tender little fingers or wrists on the big ol' gun. I would feel just awful if I had to sit on the couch and watch you try to do dishes with a bag over your cast or struggle to fold my laundry all while knowing that I could have done something to prevent it... Seriously though, a woman + a gun = I'll do the dishes if you promise to stand there and look hot. If she dressed up like Lara Croft for Halloween and I might just fall to pieces.