Monday, April 27, 2009

An Unnatural Disaster

A disaster over ten years in the making will soon descend on China. And there is nothing natural about it.

China currently has 32 million more boy children than girl children.

Holy Crap. That is soon to be a massive number of horny adolescent boys, and then marriageable young men- with no women.

Nature keeps a fair balance of male-to-female births. This is necessary for the propagation of the species. Humans seem to think they're smarter than nature. Or maybe they just get off on trying to control and change nature. Either way, once again "superior" human thinking has really screwed things up.

There isn't much positive to say about this. If there is any upsides of this, it would be women may become a more valuable commodity. Finally.

And this will cause a change in expectations. Any female already considered above average will definitely have far more options than probably ever before in the history of China. Average girls will become considered superior, and lower than average girls will become more average. There is nothing like a scarcity to inflate the value of whatever is available. Economics 101.

Potential Problems?

Potential violence. Not only do females have a general calming effect on guys they typically encouraging them to play fair, be kind, use their manners and obey the laws. They also give guys something to do. Guys who are dating or perusing girls are less likely to get into gangs, commit random act of violence, or congregate in testosterone driven groups of ‘bored and feeling-invincible’ guys.

Potential drop of male quality.
Guys dating girls dress smarter, have better personal hygiene, are more likely to seek steady jobs and be productive citizens. They spend quiet and quality time courting the girls which also puts money back into the economy through dinners, movies, gifts and event tickets. They tend to be more responsible with their decisions: everything from recreational choices to furthering their education and good financial planning. As once said “Guys are as good as the women in their society expect them to be.”

Potential sky rocketing of prostitution. Let’s face it. The human condition requires release of hormonal build up one way or another. Fewer guys with girlfriends getting taken care of at home, are going to find other outlets. Desperation often leads to use of prostitution and rape. Females of the right age are also going to see this as a golden opportunity to make ridiculous amounts of money servicing guys who have no girlfriends to spend money on, no clear futures of families to plan to provide for, and less incentive to further their education.

Potential rapid STD spread. With fewer females for the males to copulate with, the men will end up sleeping with more of the same girls. And as everyone knows, the higher traffic of visitors, the more and greater variety of germs collected in one spot.

Mass exodus of Chinese men. As with hunting and territory claiming, when the resources become too scarce, a wider region must be explored and sometimes that means leaving altogether. If women don’t find their way into the country, men will leave in search of them. The Chinese government might selfishly see this as a loss of manpower- even though they created the scarcity of women, and prevent the men from leaving the country. Unless or until that happens though, it’s a good guess that Chinese men will be aggressively doing international online dating. And leaving China to find brides is going to become as sudden and continually increasing occurrence.

Potential Solutions?

Execute 1.5 million men.
Take the stupidest, ugliest and least productive males, along with the criminals and just execute them. Not only would that reduce the general population and prevent the birth of more stupid, ugly, non-productive criminals in their society, there will be fewer men to fight over the women. Given China’s history of dealing with problems in a cold and calculated way, they’ll probably see this as being a legitimate solution.

Raffle off the single women. Men who can prove they have high incomes, high IQs and bring other assets to the table make bids for the single women. First come, first serve. The guys who have the best collection of assets win. Use the money from the raffle to pay the attempted suicide medical bills and psychotic/anxiety therapy for the guys who are poor and not lucky enough to be part of the raffle and will therefore probably never get a Chinese wife thanks to a brilliant system that left basically the equivalent of a small continent without the entire opposite gender.

Re-institute polygamy. By allowing multiple men to marry the same woman they solve several problems all at once. Naturally reduces the future birthrate. Creates wealthier families because there would be multiple men working to contribute to the same family.

Allow same gender male marriages
. Since there won’t be enough female partners to go around, but the men will still want the same comforts provided by living with a partner. As a bonus, if the government would allow each married male partnership to adopt and raise an orphaned child, there would be considerably fewer children without parents.

Okay…enough nonsense. Now for some real solutions.

Import wives from Thailand. Thailand has a problem all their own. For whatever reason it’s estimated that more than 50 % of the male population of Thais are gay. In a country where most young, attractive and healthy men are “bar boys” and where sexual tourism is a pillar in their economical society, women finding a husband is a big problem. It looks like these two countries might be able to help each other out. Or better yet, since China is feeling overpopulated, send healthy, productive and straight Chinese men to Thailand to boost their economy and birthrates. China wins out in getting rid of otherwise frustrated and potentially violent men, lowers their overall head count and their men can still get wives and possibly have as many children as they can support. The Chinese could also benefit from adopting Thailand’s policies of non-violence, tolerance, acceptance and warm heartedness.

Establish an environment of inter-racial marriage tolerance
. At some point China needs to accept that this problem was brought on by no one but themselves and a logical solution involves allowing more citizens to feel accepted when they find wives of other nationalities and start creating bi-racial families. China may be about purism, but it is undeniable the benefits and improvements that result from mixing the strengths brought by other cultures. Most countries are fairly racially mixed now and have found it to be an asset. China can’t manufacture enough females for their own population now, and they’re going to have to come from somewhere.

And the final, most obvious one…

Start promoting female births
. While it’s too late for some 3 million boys, China can prevent further problems for the next generation of boys by allowing and promoting the birth of more females. In some cases they might even do what France does, and pay a certain group of the population to have more children, however in this case it would be specifically girls.

Lack of forethought brought about a problem that has yet to see its climax. The next decade will be interesting to watch as young men in China reach maturity and start wanting the normal life that their own government denied them.

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Aimee K said...

What about an army? I mean, there is no way for the US to ever pay back all our debt to China. It's very Star Wars Attack of the clones-esc, but how very fortunate that China suddenly has several million testoterone laden disposable men at just the right time. Good essay!