Monday, October 20, 2014

Online Dating Disasters Adverted: Safety First

Like most things, online dating can be a wonderful resource. It opens new opportunities for meeting people who live near you, but who move in different social circles and who you might never otherwise meet.

While statistics vary, it's said now that 1/3 of all relationships are now formed from online (social media) sites. That included online dating sites.

But with those new opportunities opening it, if people are not careful they might also inadvertently invite into their lives people who's intentions are far from honorable.

This is one of the reasons following certain common sense rules are so important.

It's also important to present yourself online in such a way that people won't assume the worst about you.

There are words and phrases you should avoid so you other people don't get the wrong impression. 

You should refrain from contact with people who obviously won't be a good match

Be aware that some people will use social media sites to scam people but you can protect yourself from that.

Don't write messages to people online that will make YOU seem like the freak job.

Keep a handle on your feelings and opinions and don't spread angst to other people.

Figure out what you want and what you have to offer before you start trying to meet people.

Make sure your expectations are realistic and you're not over-reaching when what you are offering isn't equal to what you think your date should be like.

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