Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Let It Go: Snarky Online Messages

So it sometimes happens that someone will write me online and it gets heated fast. And not in a nice way.

But it's like the yellow jackets that I'd try to capture with a jar by the rotting fruit at the base of the apple tree in my grandparent's backyard as a child. Sometimes I like to see what will happen when going to toe-to-toe with a creature with a stinger and a short temper.

It's nice when someone will indulge me. After all, I never start the fight. I just don't back down from it once the gantlet has been thrown. Especially when the attacks become personal.

I knew this wasn't going to go well. Like I said...I may be guilty sometimes of deliberately trying to get a rise out of someone. But catching a tiny predator in a container is fascinating. I don't think my intentions are malicious. I don't keep it indefinitely until it starves to death. I just hang on to it for a bit. Poke it with a stick and toy with it a bit before I release it.

I just can't help but feel that certain types are a little too arrogant and need to be reminded now and then that they're not infallible. God only knows I get reminded of that often enough. Just spreading the reality checks.

And then you have to wonder if they even understood what you said...Does this guy know that my comment was laced with sarcasm and dipped in pretentiousness? I suspect not. I'm guessing that by my use of vernacular and vocabulary he thinks I was actually paying him compliments. That is funny.

I'm sure it would be best if I would just be an adult about it. Just leave well enough alone. Wave the pesky little stinger away instead of gauging it's reactions to my curiosity. But again, I'm not here to make enemies or stifle others even with their arrogant stingers. I just play for a while. And let it go. 

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