Friday, February 28, 2014

Online Dating: Horror Story: False Sense of Immunity

Apparently coffeexplorer on Ok Cupid doesn't read the news.

If he did he would see that sitting behind the safety of a computer screen tucked behind the walls of your own home lends a false sense of anonymity. He may think he can confidently pound out his hateful spite on someone who has done nothing to him, and he'll have immunity from any accountability for what he does. And he would be wrong. 

Just this week on MSN comes a story about an arrogant JobBank Moderator who got the smack down from the public for unleashing her distasteful sense of superiority over some younger woman who was seeking to connect and gain employment opportunities. And her temper has cost this woman dearly.

Just last night, I got a series of hateful messages from someone named coffeexplorer. I guess he figures he's god's gift to women because before he started spewing outrageous and aggressively malicious emails my way, I'd never viewed his page, never heard of him and never made any attempt to contact him. I guess this is his way of dealing with his life disappointments: by vicious attacking women online who are seeking love. 

Take a look at what he wrote to me:

“Wow, you are a case study for feminist attention whoring. Another 7 who thinks she is a 9. Don't get me wrong I like your passion, but average girls cannot make super model demands. The world is corrupt and you are pretending its good because you have been protected by white knight beta males who have protected you from true horrors and brutality. Women twice as hot and bad ass as you are mixing Molotov Cocktails for their men in the streets of Ukraine right now and you are demanding that American men buy you cocktails and open doors for you. Lol

You are on a public forum publicly emotionally streaking with your life story and sexy photos. You love thus sh*t

And believe this, no other man read or cares about what you wrote about YOURSELF, we all just want sex and will do and say anything to get it. Who you are and what you like and dislike is of no importance to us. Everyman you have ever known secretly thinks this... gasp! Oh the horror, huh? Yep everyman has to lie to get all your required "right" answers and win the golden key to your high maintenance golden chastity belt."

I really cannot know how this guy can assume that he is a "nice guy." I am very glad that I have had the pleasure of knowing LOTS of truly nice guys who's friendship I value very much. 

It's just really sad that this jerk seems to think that he's somehow been wronged enough to deserve to be horrible to anyone whenever he feels like lashing out. It makes you question whether he would likewise physically take out his vicious temper on any random woman who had the misfortune to meet him. He seems like the type would find whatever female who crosses his path and destroy her life just because he's obviously an angry and bitter person.

To all the honorable, good hearted and chivalrous men (and outraged women) out there, feel free to let this guy know that this is not how you treat your women and that you won't tolerate him treating females in general this way. Thank you for helping keep the world  (online and off) a safer place for everyone.

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