Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dating: Daring or Caution With Written Sarcasm

When you have spent a lot of time letter writing, it starts to show. 

The same can be said for someone who never writes letters. 

But both can set you up for failure. 

 Whether you don't write enough, your messages are boring, or you write too much, you can end up losing your chance for a reply.

And trust me when I say that it's possible to be very imaginative in writing a letter and think you're being witty, funny or sarcastic when you're really creeping someone out. Or just intimidating the crap out of them.

Here is an instance when my sense of humor backfired. It wasn't a huge loss, but it did result in the guy not responding.

And deleting his profile.

I'm still not sure if he decided based upon my response that this site was full of nut cases, he took my message too literally, or possibly a different (less sarcastic) woman met up with him and they eloped that same weekend. We shall never know.

There are some people who use humor and wit as their stock and trade. For those people, finding a like minded individual is better than stumbling upon a tall pitcher of iced spring water while wandering through a parched desert devoid of anything remotely living.

Those people are rare. Cherish them well.  

But what I do know is that until you get to know someone, unless their profile is equally out there in left field or you have already been writing them for a while and they're not likely to be shocked, you should possibly avoid doing the following:

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