Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dating: Use Some Imagination When Messaging

To the person who wrote me a message, and is trying to figure out what to say.
To start a conversation out of nothing, you must start with something
That’s witty or funny or shocking or smart, just please don’t ask about my day!

Such dull and mundane monotony, allows for no excitement or expression of nuance.
Would I rather be a a dolphin or a horse or porcupine? however, and you might be luckier with a response.
How I've been or how I feel doesn't really start a conversation.
Try asking me what I would do if I won the lottery or if I believe in reincarnation.

Ask what I would choose if I could only watch one movie or if I had to move to another country.
Do I play the stocks and would I ever buy into a foreign market like Suntory?
Ask me what celebrity I would like to have lunch with, or if I’ve ever ridden The Metro or BART.
And if I could turn back time and restart my life at what age I would want to restart.

Ask me at what age I had my first crush, my first kiss or what my first vehicle was.
And have I ever wondered just how exactly a belly button collects fuzz?
Am I allergic to pine nuts or cats or pollen, do I swell up when stung by a bee?
or if I could have been born in another century would I choose to be royalty?

Ask me if the music I listen to as a teen is the same stuff I listen to today,
Do I believe that religion is how people should live, or I do think another way.
If I could do a guest appearance on any TV show which one I would I want to do.
Ask if I’ve ever dyed or spiked my hair or who I would donate a kidney to.

Would I ever sign up for a reality show or if I take road trips without a destination.
If I’ve ever eaten snake or goat or perhaps if I prefer Italian food, Mexican or Asian.  
Do I think that unicorns and fairies are real or do I shun them in favor of science and logic?
Have I been to a Comic Con, or a gun show, and if I lose my keys do I know how to lock pick?

Do I have a Bucket list full of fun goals we could possibly check off together?
Am I afraid of lighting or love the beach and what is my favorite season and weather.
Do I have any siblings I used to tease, or was I the one who got picked on.
Am I passionate about politics or charities or consider myself a humanitarian?

Do I run Iron-mans, do mud runs or stay home and knit and never take hikes in the dark,
Ask if I volunteer in magic shows, go sky diving or would I swim with a shark
If I've ever performed standup comedy, wanted to be in movies or on the stage in a play,
But for the love of god, PLEASE…! Don't ask me "How was your day?"

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