Thursday, November 6, 2014

Love For Less Than Cheap Dates

Since my article about how to date inexpensively, it has been brought up that I should come up with a list of alternative dating ideas for people who have a little more disposable income to play with.

 So, here you go:

Rent a Ride 
  •    Rent a limo for the day/night. Not just for celebrities, prom and wedding related events, riding in a limo to your schedules events adds some serious glamour to whatever else you end up doing.
  •  Rent a yacht, and if your boating skills are not exactly sea worthy, someone to drive the boat for you.
  •  Rent

Take a Ride
  • If you want to give your date a new vantage point, take a ride in a hot air balloon. Remember to pack some sparkling bubbly and your camera.  
  • Trains offer a view of landscape you won’t see from your car and an overnight trip on a train could seriously jumpstart some romance in your life.
  • Small engine planes are the epitome of luxury. Not much says you’re special and someone important than taking a ride in a small plane, especially when it’s on its way somewhere beautiful with reservations. 

Stay Somewhere Luxurious
  • Make a hotel reservation somewhere you've never been or even in your own city. Get the honeymoon suite and enjoy the jacuzzi and room service. 
  • Bed & Breakfasts can be a lovely alternative to staying in a hotel. They have a very homey feeling and some offer some really nice amenities. 

                                     Travel Date 
  • Pick a destination and pack your bags!

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James Yairi said...

Um your cheap dates sound fun and exciting,but isn't that a big turn off for most women?