Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dating: What You Learn From Messages

If "location, location, location" is the mantra of real estate, "content, content, content" would be the equivalent for online dating. What a person says and how they say it, speak volumes about who they are and not just who they are trying to make you believe they are.

Some people are better at faking how kind or genuine they are. But with a little time, people eventually can't keep up the charade and their pretend self cracks revealing who they really are. Hopefully you find this out LONG before you ever meet in person.

Case in point: (click on the picture to enlarge it.)

It took a little while, but after a while, the "sweet guy" act fell by the wayside and he got angry and bitter in a hurry. I still have no idea what triggered it. Anyone have any theories?


Adam Schlain said...

So in my opinion he was chasing/flirting with you virtually the entire time. You did an admiral job of trying to redirect him towards improving his profile and pursuing other women but that was never his plan. Once it became obvious to him that you weren't interested, he soured quickly. His amazingly defensive response to your lighthearted joke about pay phones was his tipping point. Just my opinion as a guy. Bytheway I enjoyed the article and Wil read through your old ones this week. All goes well I might seek your assistance in helping me successfully attract the right woman

Jaclyn said...

Thanks Adam, for the insightful and logical suggestion. I think you probably nailed it. I took him at his word that he was looking for help, like so many people before him who I have helped, and when he wasn't able to turn it around into mutual interest he got angry and frustrated. It would have been better if he had just said he was interested in getting to know me and I'd let him know I wasn't, and we could have both saved ourselves the effort of the letter writing. Well, at least I can pass along the advice to others to be honest and upfront about your intentions because turning something from what you SAY you want into what you ACTUALLY want is going to just confuse the other person. Thanks for your feedback and thanks for reading!