Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Tobacco State Turns Over a New Leaf

Virginia is a state rich with American history.

It was where the first English settlers landed in ...

More than half the Civil Wars took place on Virginia soil.

And it was the first state that planted tobacco to grow as a cash crop.

It wasn't until 1986 that legislation was passed prohibiting the sale of tobacco to someone under the age of 16.

You could say that tobacco's roots run deep here.

As of Today though, smoking is banned in most restaurants and bars. Since smoking inside stores, federal buildings and most businesses (libraries, hospitals, schools ect.) it's now illegal to smoke almost anywhere except on the streets and on private property.

And it's about damn time!

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Allan said...

The next step is taxing them up to $20 a pack so I don't have to subsidize other people's insurance once the unconstitutional atrocity called Obamacare is passed into "law." But back to the topic, this is a great law that should have been enacted well before now.