Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gay, Straight or Bi? Check Your Hands

Feminine hands are often depicted in art as being thin, fairly narrow and with fingers that taper to the tips. Masculine hands are seen as thicker, wider palms and blunter fingers that are basically the same width from base to tip. However, there is no study that backs up these stereotypes.

According to research, there is a correlation between testosterone and estrogen and the length of certain fingers on a person’s hand.

Supposedly, a strong presence of testosterone in the womb causes the ring finger to be longer than the pointer/index finger.

Conversely, large amounts of estrogen cause the pointer/index finger to be longer than the ring finger.

Therefore having a ring finger longer than your pointer finger is manly. Having a pointer finger longer than your ring finger is feminine.

According to this bit of info, if you are genetically a male with a ring finger shorter than your pointer finger, you are likely to display feminine behaviors, identify with females, and possibly be attracted to other males.

If you are biologically female and have ring finger longer than your index finger, it increases the chances of your being masculine and feeling attraction to other females.

If your pointer finger and ring finger are of almost identical length, you just might be equally attracted to both males and females and identify with both.

Note: When you measure your fingers, you should measure the length of the actual fingers from where they start on your hand to their tip (not including where the nail extends beyond your flesh), not just compare where they meet on your middle finger.

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