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Dating By Astrology

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Hey baby, what's your sign?
By Barrie Dolnick

Where should we go on a first date? is probably the most common question single people ask themselves. And hey, it's hard to know where the object of your affections would like to rendezvous, especially if you don't know each other too well. But if you want to make some sort of an informed guess, consider turning to astrology for the answer. That's right—each astrological sign has its own favorite first-date locales. So do some sleuth work to find out your date's birthday; then head out to one of the appropriate places below.

Best first date for an Aries

Man: And… action! Get tix to a sporting event, go bowling, or take a walk or a run together. If you want romance to grow, keep it moving and his heart rate will go up—for you.

Woman: She's got all-star confidence but appreciates a guy with a firm plan—no pussyfooting. Stay away from one-on-ones on the basketball court or the foosball table unless you want your butt kicked. Spice it up with dinner at a restaurant with a zesty atmosphere.

Best first date for a Taurus

Man: The way to a Taurus heart is through the stomach. Make dinner together even if you're the worst cook on earth (he's not). The process of conjuring the meal is where the magic of romance begins.

Gentle, high-end luxury is a man's best bet to impress, but if you can't afford your town's woo-hoo restaurant, finesse the details. Come with a flower, offer your arm, walk slowly and show you care. You can go anywhere if you do it right.

Best first date for a Gemini

Man: He's a smart guy with a short attention span. Theater, movies, or a dinner party will give him the entertainment factor he needs and a flirtation device you'll appreciate.

Woman: Honestly, you can take this woman anywhere—provided you're ready to lay on the charm, wit, and focus: If you make her laugh and listen to her stories, you could go to a municipal meeting about waste disposal and still have fun.

Best first date for a Cancer
Man: Do not put this guy on the spot. An easy-going evening with dinner, a stroll, maybe a nightcap or a coffee is enough. You can't rush him, or he'll crawl into his shell and you'll never see him again.

Woman: She's tough on the outside, mush on the inside—but you won't see the mush for a long time. Do something you truly like to do, and she'll trust you. She has an internal device that screens BS. Be sincere—or don't bother.

Best first date for a Leo
Man: Make an extra effort with your appearance, and make plans to laugh up a storm together. Theater, especially interactive shows or comedy clubs are catnip to this fun-loving sort.

Woman: Go for the "wow" factor—something exotic or exclusive. Front-row concert tickets are great, but a sparkler in her hot fudge sundae is also cool. Show you've thought it through, and she'll be impressed.

Best first date for a Virgo
Man: Be armed with compliments because he's tough on himself. Ask him to help pick a restaurant because he has clear preferences. Be patient—he won't believe you really like him at first.

A flea market would tickle her. Trust her to find a good bargain, spring for it, and she'll be yours.

Best first date for a Libra

Man: He likes cool stuff. You could take in a vintage car show, a jazz concert, or a movie as long as it's hip. Take time to look good for him—trust us, he'll notice.

Woman: She wouldn't mind a date from the 1950s. Show up, be courteous, take her to the malt shop or a classy cocktail bar, flirt respectfully, and see her home at a decent hour. She can't resist a gentleman.

Best first date for a Scorpio

Man: He must be in control—or at least feel that way. Keep it subtle, suggestive and sincere. He'd like to meet at a nice lounge where you can talk with body language and words at the same time.

Woman: She'll seem easygoing but she's totally shy. Give her lots of eye contact that says you think she's hot. If you take her to a little café and let conversation find its natural course, you'll be sending all the right vibes.

Best first date for a Sagittarius
Man:He's a curious guy who doesn't mince words, and neither should you. Choose an art exhibit, a local concert, or a behind-the-scenes museum tour. Afterward you'll have a lot to discuss during your first bottle of wine.

Woman: She's impressed by smarts and self-motivation. Make a real plan—a wine-tasting, a not-too-serious lecture, or a little-known jazz club. Pique her curiosity and she'll come back for more.

Best first date for a Capricorn
Man: Understated is this man's M.O. A light drink before dinner, a nice but not-too-hip restaurant, and a warm but not gooey goodnight kiss will do the trick.

Woman: This woman has high standards, so give her an evening that shows you know how to treat a lady: a reservation with a good table, a good wine, and gentle conversation. Let her come to you.

Best first date for an Aquarius
Man: He's quirky and lives in his head. Forget tradition, embrace spontaneity. Check out local listings for performance art, poetry readings, or try a new ethnic restaurant. He likes creative spirits.

She's open to your vibe and she's your playmate—what do you want to do? Go to a bookstore, people watch in a karaoke joint, try a local festival. Having not-too-structured fun is a great way to start.

Best first date for a Pisces

Man: Still waters run deep. He'll seem together and tough but he's soft and cuddly. No crowds, loud spaces or harsh music. A low-key blues club, a stroll under a night sky, and holding hands lightly. Then he'll take the lead.

Woman: She's into art, music and beauty but needs time to process feelings. Give her a glass of wine or two, take her to hear some music you both like, and grab an ice cream afterward. Gentle, romantic, and no-pressure is the ticket.

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