Sunday, June 28, 2009

Go Google Yourself!

I did it. And you should too. It was fun!

In this age of information availability, it's a good idea to know what other people can easily find out about you. Friends and family might already know you quite well, but strangers, people from sites you're a member to, those interested in you from dating organizations and employers might think of this as an extra way to get a little homework on you. And if there is any "dirt" to be found, you'll want to know what they're seeing.

One effective way to do that? Google yourself.

Run a search engine on:

Your entire name
Any alias names you've used
Your email addresses
Your past email addresses
Your phone numbers

If might surprise you what you find out about yourself.

I found out there is a real estate agent in Arizona with my name, and there is a skating rink in Kentucky that has the same name as one of my email addresses!

When you're done, you can even order the t-shirt.

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