Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Sexy Smell Of Love

His arms came around her suddenly, pulling her close. She nuzzled the warm skin of his chest through the top buttons of his shirt, breathing in deeply his arousing male scent.

Freshly laundered cotton, musky body spray, and the unique scent of his skin tantalized her senses. She flicked the tip of her wet tongue along the edge of his collarbone and closed her eyes as his lips brushed her forehead and he drank in the sweet smells of her glossy clean hair and honey smooth skin.

She wiggled closer against him feeling his hard ready response to her own eager longings. A teasing breath of mint stirred and tighten a coil of heat in her tight belly when he leaned in to kiss the warm pulse fluttering at her neck. Her nostrils flared as the spicy masculine heat emitting through his clothes urging a hot wave of ticklish desires through her female parts. Her skin tingled in anticipation as his warm rough hands slid down her sides to cup her firm round …

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that smells matter.

One of the fastest ways to turn someone on (or off) is through scent.

Hormones are released through the skin and body fluids to indicate genetic mating compatibility and the female body’s readiness to be impregnated. In animals they call this “going into heat”. You could call it that for some humans as well.

Perfumes, colognes, body sprays, lotions, creams and washing products are a multi-billion dollar industry. They promise the effects of wearing their smells will overcome the object of your desire and also win you love, power, respect and lots and lots of sex.

And there is no doubt that there is some truth to it.

Mint, vanilla, strawberry and musk are among common and popular smells that have both an enticing and calming effect on people. Combine that with the hormone laden clean perspiration of both males and females and the result is seduction.

Stinky armpits/ body odor, bad breath and cigarette smoke are a few of the biggest turn off smells.

But the chemicals in a person’s body give them their own “personal scent” and THAT is the real force behind the scent of attraction.

To spice up thing with your partner, have them go scent shopping with you. Pick out a few new products that you both like that can be sprayed over a bed, splashed on each other during a sexy shower together or dabbed at the base of the throat for added enticement when close enough to catch a whiff.

Sometimes just a new smell can add a different feel to a relationship by making them smell like a new (yet familiar and comfortable) relationship.

So while great personal hygiene is a must, and wearing pleasant smelling odors are helpful, there is much that is determined in sex appeal by a person’s own body chemistry matching up with another person’s.

For those who are single, the next time your date leans in for a quick hug, they really might be trying to smell you. It wouldn’t hurt to smell them back.

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