Sunday, October 4, 2009

Men Hate Cute

Puppies are cute.

Kittens and babies are cute.

MEN (straight ones anyway) don't want to BE cute, and they don't want their women to dress "cute".

Cute is what their daughters are. What their friend's daughters are. What their nieces and nephews are.

NO normal, straight guy wants to EVER confuse any of those things with the woman they're are fantasizing about or doing the funky nasty with.

Women need to figure this out and stop trying to catch guys (or please them) by wearing what their girlfriends love because it's "OMG! So cute!".

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Allan said...

There are too many things to say to this but simply put, I agree. Cute= childish, immature, naive, etc. None of the things that any man is interested in. One of the 'women ' I work with is gorgious but I am constantly finding that my only comment to something that she's done or said is, "cute." She's clueless and it's not a bit attractive.