Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Would You Date Yourself?

It may seem like a strange thing to ask, but honestly if YOU are not the kind of person you would want to date, then why should anyone else want to date you?

I'm a big advocate of list-making. Lists get to the point. You can read them as often as you like, modify them as needed and they serve as visual reminders.

I like happy endings so let's start with the negative items first.

What are five things about yourself in each category that you would NOT want to have in a potential date/romantic partner? Think good and hard about each category. Be honest. I'm including a few suggestions, but your they may be things I haven't listed.

Let's start with Irritating Habits.
Maybe you are chronically late- everywhere. Maybe you chew your food really loudly or say you're going to call someone in an hour and then don't call them back for three days. Possibly you're just a slob and never clean all the garbage out of your vehicle and your house has never heard of "spring cleaning".

Moving on to Personality Characteristics.
Do you wake up grouchy and grumpy in the morning? Are you unbelievably rude to strangers or other drivers? Do you always see the negative side of every situation? Do you think it's okay to lie, cheat or steal if no one really gets hurt? (like parking in Handicap Parking spots when you're not handicap?)

How about Personal Hygiene?
Brushing teeth twice a day isn't just so your teeth don't fall out, it's an act of kindness to anyone you hope to ever kiss. Smelling nice doesn't mean forgoing a shower and deodorant and trying to mask your body odor with a douse of cologne. Long scraggly nails and bitten-to-the-wick nails are gross on anyone. Trimming nose hairs, tweezers mole hairs and cleaning out your ears are surprisingly effective in taming your overall appearance.


Now list five things in each category that you DO like about yourself and would like to see in your match.

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