Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In Search of A Few Good (Black) Men (and Women)

Everyone needs a few good role models. Or even just one great example to follow.

Ideally they would fill the role of mentor and be someone you could talk to and get to know on a personal level.

If nothing else, they should be someone who is successful at what they do and represent strong core values: honesty, fidelity, humanity,…

Mistakes are an inevitability in life. But the majority of a person’s really bad decision making should have taken place when they were young and stupid. Not when they’re old enough to really do damage and should have known better.

Regrettably, family members seldom fit the bill.

This is when having a real human Hero is of endless value. Even if you don’t know them intimately, you never actually meet them in person and they live and die without knowing they ever influenced you at all- they still fulfill a very real human need.

Like many other mammals and creatures, young learn from the older generations. They learn what is good to eat, how to acquire their food, where their physical boundaries are and how to interact with others of their own kind. Time and time again we have seen that then young are deprived of older role models, all hell can break loose.

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