Saturday, July 12, 2014

Young Love and Parental Roles: How They Affect Your Future Partner Preference

They say that you never quite get over your first real crush. 

Thanks to growing up watching old Western films with my grandpa, Clint Walker was my first crush.

I never thought about it much when I was younger, but after finding this about a week ago, I'm realizing there is a really good chance, somewhere in my subconscious for most of my adult life I've been trying to find my own living embodiment of this TV legend. 

It would really mean that a lot of things I've wondered about for years, suddenly make a whole lot of sense. I've always been drawn to taller men. Much taller than someone who is a diminutive 5'3 1/2 "needs" to be. I tend to prefer dark haired men paired with blue eyes. It certainly helps that the same grandfather who fostered that love of old westerns and weathered the duty of raising two of his granddaughters as though they were his own daughters, also had hair that was nearly black (even into his 60's) and had clear blue eyes. I like deep voices. Grandpa was a Baritone (one step above a Base). And I'm very fond of a certain style of straight nose (some call them larger or prominent noses, but all I see is it's straight) and straight eyebrows above confident eyes. And a broad, muscular body definitely is nice.

This is not to say that's the only type of guy that I'm attracted to, but it's certainly general collection of qualities that I harbor a soft spot for.

There is also some speculation that people are genetically coded to be attracted to certain types of people. People who have a certain set of physical features or qualities. 

So who is someone you had a crush on that forever influenced your idea of your ideal partner?

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