Sunday, July 27, 2014

Politics: Presidental Disappointment

Halfway into President Obama's second term, there has been a lot left to be desired of how he's spent his time and money holding what many people agree is the most powerful job in the world.

There are those who will argue both sides of the coin.

Some say that he's pissed away his time playing golf, taking vacations and fundraising while the common American people flounder, counties in our care teeter on the verge of full scale war and our relationship with both allies and enemies make uncharted and largely unmitigated changes.

Some people say that he's been blocked and thwarted by conflicting political powers (namely congress) that disagree with his objectives and tie his hands from making the real progress he otherwise would be making.

And then there have a long and condemning list of scandals regarding Obama's history, his present and his future. The list is unprecedentedly long and deeply concerning given the amount of time and effort put into just confirming that Obama is legitimate and allowed to even continue holding the presidential office.

Regardless of what you say of all the scandals, there is something that bothers me even more than all of this.

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