Tuesday, December 31, 2013

T'was The Evening Before New Years

(A poem by Jaclyn )

T'was the evening before New Years, and all through the land
The people were deciding, what would be their plan.
To ring in the first day of one year and of the other, the last
How to open their hearts to tomorrow and how to close doors on their past.

Some people have decided, to just stay at home.
Maybe to hang out with their family, or just be alone.
Others have great plans for parties big and beautiful.
Still others will be making lists of their resolutions, funny and useful.  

There will be those celebrating for all which they are grateful.
While some will be full of resentment, their hearts jealous and hateful.
Most people will resolve that this year they will do better,
Though not everyone will follow through that promise to the letter.

Some people will languish on their deathbeds, ill and diseased,
Some people will carry on unmindful that their lives are full of ease.
Wounded souls will be nursing themselves, broken hearted,
Loved ones who are far away will be mournful that they’re parted.

Tears will be shed for the dearly beloved laid to rest,
Hope will triumph as brand new life is birthed replacing death.
First eager steps will be taken, towards a future fresh and bright,
And final grim steps draw forward to pinch out fated light.

As the green orb completes a revolution of the glowing sun
Another year takes inventory of painful and wondrous deeds done.
The twist of time, a plodding slur of flurried speed
It waits for no man so they say, and this I do believe.

Soon then the shadowy carousel, ticks by the fateful hand
The bells peel the melody of midnight across the darkened land
Sparks fly. Colors flash. Lights twinkle and then fade to black.
Our minds look to the future, with just one more glance back.

May our generous ideas be hastened and evil designed be foiled
Let our compassion run swift and our anger cease to boil.
Can our hearts swell with a symphony of earnest brotherly love,
Thinking of not only self-improvement but lifting those below you, above.

May you conquer every obstacle and with every challenge succeed.
Question questionable authority, yet accept acceptance that you need.
Lastly don’t be too hard on yourself or others, or give up without a fight.
Be the champion of honor and always do what’s right.

But try to enjoy yourself and cherish that the morning will dawn warm light
So Happy New Years to all, and to all a safe night!

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