Monday, September 30, 2013

To Ink Or Not To Ink. That is the Question.

Gone are the days when tattoos were the trademark of rough gang members, criminals and social deviants. Gone also are the days of their one honorable tribute exiting on the living canvas of sailors and servicemen. No longer can they be considered a sign of involvement with a specific culture or organization.

Over the last few decades a steady increase in ink has been showing up on the skin of popular sports figures, celebrities and even professionals. It seems every year the nature and location of the tattoos become more daring and prominent as well.  

The average citizen has taken note. You can scarcely go anywhere anymore without seeing a tattoo not just peaking out from under the sleeves of people, but front and center on their chests, necks, hands and faces. Ranging from the to the curiously clever to the seriously bazaar, tattoos have become more detailed and impressively realistic. 

Whether as a way to express their personality, pay homage to a loved one or event, tattoos are showing up on all adult age groups, races and genders. Once considered a bad idea committed in the recklessness of ones youth, tattoos are now making their appearance as accessories to be acquired at any point in your life.

Soon it may be the only people who's tattoos won't be obviously displayed, are military personal.
New Army Regulations on Tattoos are being passed down that could restrict the location and content of permanent skin art. While some think it's a push to impose personal preferences on a new generation of military, others counteract that in keeping with a tradition of professionalism, tattoos should be limited to areas that can be covered by normal clothing.

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