Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I'm the Poster Child for Speed Dating

After just over six years of online dating, I now pretty confidently advertise myself as an expert on creating online dating profiles. 

You can learn a lot in six years and being the kind of person who likes to share, I've started helping other people do what I got really good at.

In addition to the free dating advice I give here on my blog, for a small donation I offer 30 minute phone consultations where I ask questions, give suggestions and help people create (or redo) their online dating profile content.

Here are a few of the comments I've gotten from people I've talked with or given written suggestions to:

"Thank you for the good advice :)" - Mike, 32

"Well I def use your help on here cuz I wuz really thinking about deleting my profile." Deuce, 30

"Thanks for the advice! I'll get working on it. I will take you up on the pictures too. My self-portraits are good for nothing!!" - Tom M., 31

"Thank you so much for your input :) I would like to get some new pics." -Dave, 38

"I will take the time to really read what you have to say and take action. Thanks again I appreciate the help!" -B, 29

"Well thank you very much for taking time to actually read through my profile and give a very detailed answer! It is greatly appreciated. (I) will surely take your suggestions and put them to use!"
-Chuck, 36

The people I've helped in the online dating community are not the only ones who apparently think I create good dating profiles. Speeddate.com evidently agrees. In fact, they're using the profile I created back in 2010 to advertise their dating site!

Click here to see the ad for yourself! 

While I never really did much with the speed dating account, they're not far from the truth with the idea of "speed dating".  That is, quickly narrowing down who you're interested in and who just isn't a good match. No one wants to waste a full day (or even a few hours) with someone they have no chemistry with, nothing in common with or worse, with someone who they feel lied about who they really are or what their intentions are.

I always suggest people screen the person they're talking to online. And that is why I consider meeting someone for the first time off a dating site, NOT a "date" but in fact a "meet"; why I believe there is a difference between "hanging out" and "dating", and that you should talk on the phone before you meet someone. In addition, I strongly suggest a few basic rules for meeting people online.

"Meets" should be at the kind of location that allows them to be short, casual and in very public places. Not only does this prevent things from getting too awkward if the two of you decide quickly that you're not interested in each other, but it allows plenty of time for you both to meet more than one person in the same day.

Let's be practical people, if you're a working person, with hobbies (and a family!) you're going to need to make finding the love of your life somewhat efficient. 

It's a bit like folding laundry while you watch a movie or cooking dinner while you watch the news. It's just practical to multi-task, stream line your day and take advantage of what little free time you have.

But don't take my advice...wait, DO take my advice. After all, I'm an expert. Just ask Speeddate.com! 

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