Monday, May 24, 2010

America's Lowest Life Forms

I'm not really sure this person calling in to Michael Savage's talk show, can even qualify as a human. Unfortunately there are entirely too many people who are like this uneducated, over opinionated jackass.

As of July 2009 America's population (well those who were legally counted anyway) was 307,006,550 people.

About 38 percent (or about 1/3 the Population, roughly 102,335,516 people) pay no income taxes. (Again, this number doesn't include people who are in the country illegally or were not counted on the last census)

Around half the population (153,503,275 people) receives some kind of government assistance. (Welfare checks, food stamps, WIC, Social Security, Subsidized housing etc.)

So less than half the US population pays income taxes but receives no government assistance.


Donald said...

OMG! "Obama pays my welfare check" I hope this lady is joking... I'm sharing this clip on my blog too. Thanks!

schwarzefahne said...

My foreman (who came here from Guatemala on a work visa, which has expired, is currently working here illegally) gets irate when we drive thru the slums of Newport News on the weekdays and see throngs of losers getting paid by the government to do absolutely nothing with their lives. When he asked who pays their rent and I told him Obama, he said "F*** Obama man!" He paid $5,000 for his baby to be born here, he payed cash at the dentist and he has no plans on staying here, living on Obama's teet for life. He is making his money and going home to his family in December, as would I if I were in his work boots.

If I was Mexican, you bet your butt I would hop over that fence, swim across the Rio Grande or run thru the desert to get here. It's the land of opportunity that gave my ancestors free entry. The way to end illegal immigration is to accept immigrants like was done 100 years ago.

The problem is not the immigrants, the problem is the system. You can't tax illegal aliens, but you can tax legal aliens! Want a healthy economy and stronger work force? I just gave you a big piece of the puzzle!

PS: The lesser of two evils is still evil, vote Libertarian!