Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Super (Sexual) Women

Women seem to fall into three categories.

Low-sexual, Sexual and Abnormally Sexual.

Low-sexual women are the average. They can be a lot of talk and show especially when they’re still in their teens or early twenties, but they’re really not a lot of action. Or at least, regular action. Their idea of a satisfying sexual relationship can be anywhere from a couple times a month to a couple times a week. Max.

This frequency usually takes a huge nose dive after they’re past their mid twenties, had children or gotten married. They go from the coy or shy teenager, to the teasing twenties to fairly disinterested past the age of 30.

These women were probably never really comfortable with their sexuality. They don’t really feel comfortable with a male’s body and the older (busier and often fatter) they get the less they feel sex should matter in life, in a relationship, and for their partner.

These women make up the larger portion of the female population and are what make men reluctant (aka: dread like an appendage amputation) to take wedding vows.

For Low-sexual women having sex is something naughty to try when they’re young, something they do only because they’re badgered to by the man in their life, as a way secure a wedding ring or to have a baby. Or maybe it comes with other perks or presents. But basically it’s a means to an end. They don’t do it because they genuinely enjoy it. They don't *love* it.

Vanilla sex is as good as it’s gonna get with them. Everything and anything else is too dirty, “morally wrong” or against their religion.

Abnormally sexual women are sometimes confused with sexual women but there are several major differences. Sex is a compulsive, erratic thing for Abnormally Sexual Women. They are textbook nymphomaniacs. Interestingly, the word is used only to describe women who are hyper sexual. These women are described as being “addicted” to sex and tend to not care who they’re shagging as long as they’re getting it. These women may or may not be “freaks” (into really kinky sex).

Maybe they just want a LOT of sex and frequently. They may not actually have any “skills”, it’s just that they don’t ever get satisfied with sex. Abnormally sexual women have a medical condition, a mental disorder or were raped or molested at some point in their lives. For them the urge for sex is more about a mental/ emotional issue, or a biological imbalance.

Then there are Sexual women. Unlike Abnormal women, they were simply born with high sex drives. They genuinely enjoy sex. For them it’s as much as part of their daily life as say eating. Some people go a day or two without eating, but if you had a choice why would you?

Sexual women are not much different then a sexual guy. They know what they have because they found it fairly early in their adolescence. They know how to use what they have because they’ve been fine tuning those skills ever since. And they are quite comfortable with the male anatomy and they enjoy it the way men enjoy women's bodies.

Sexual women make up a very small percentage of the female population. They have the total package of skill, desire and looks. They haven’t been created by bad childhood trauma, they don’t have a mental or chemical imbalance and they’re not compulsive. They are quite discriminating about who they’ll be with, and generally speaking they’re really good at what they do. Really good. Because sex is something they love and it’s as much as part of them as the blazing colors across the sky are part of a sunset.

For them vanilla is just a starter flavor like at Cold Stone Creamery. It’s not just plain frigid cream in a paper bowl. It’s a delectable concoction of tasty surprises and mind blowing sensations served in a chocolate hand dipped waffle cone.

These are the women that make up men’s fantasies.

The fact is though, being one of these women is often very far from being a fantasy.

The hardest problem for a Sexual Woman is finding a man who can keep up. Seriously.

Young super sexual women tend to seek out (and are swooped up) by older men with skills and finesse. As the sexual women mature, they find they’re more compatible with younger men who have the fitness level and stamina that older men lack.

You could say the sexual woman in her prime has outgrown her male peers and seniors. From that point on, it’s a challenge to find a younger man with enough sophistication and maturity yet either natural ability or teachablilty.

Willingness to forfeit sleep, adventurous enough to push the sexual envelope and confident enough to be assertive with these sumptuous and vivacious creatures are highly desirable qualities for a sexual woman’s playmates or marriage partners.

The sexual appetite of these women frequently mirrors that of an adolescent boy. It’s strong. It’s willful. And it’s a delightful thing of beauty.

That is...IF she has a partner. Otherwise the restless lack of regular satisfaction seeps out of her pores like a fragrant yet rousing perfume. Which is somehow tangible in even their photographs.

What's not surprising is when doing a Google of super sexual women, two females consistently rank number 1.

Angelina Jolie
and Marilyn Monroe.

What might be a little surprising is they're both Geminis.

And I would know. Angelina Jolie and I share a birth date (just different year).

Apparently it's a good time to be born if your a Super (Sexual) Woman.

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