Thursday, February 11, 2010

What a Kiss Reveals

“Eight out of 10 women believe that the first kiss will tell them everything they need to know about the relationship”
~ Hitch Movie Quote

Whether or not this statistic is true the fact remains that a kiss can reveal more about a person than they realize.

In addition to kissing indicating body chemistry and levels of attraction between a couple, a person’s personality type often matches their kissing style.

How an individual approaches life and their personal behaviors are indicated in how they express affection and passion. How a person kisses suggests how they will act in a relationship.

Are you playful and teasing? Serious and passionate? An aggressive go-getter? Are you into slow seduction? Or do you just want to get in and out and get it over with?

Kissing styles also indicates a person’s sensitivity level, their ability to be warm and generous and whether they’re a giver or a taker.

If that person is full of longing and desire to be close and affectionate with their partner; is their approach to love is casual and based more on friendship and common interests; if they put others first or have a violent nature, can be revealed by a kiss.

Whether or not someone will want to dominate the relationship, whether they get bored easily, if their intentions are honorable or they’re just out to get laid, all can be indicated by kissing.

There are many, many ways to kiss. It would be impossibly long (and just impossible) to list all the different kinds and ways. But it is possible to translate the actions of kissing (and love making) into the character traits that cause them. Generally, it’s pretty intuitive.

Hard-line lip locking, a sometimes painful grinding of mouths that may or may not include vigorous tongue prodding or lip nipping strongly suggests that person is a taker who likes to be in control, holds even their loved ones at a distance and views gentleness as weakness.

Hesitant dry kisses with no tongue and little variety are the trademarks of someone who’s either extremely nervous and inexperienced at kissing and relationships or someone who’s reluctant to share themselves with others. They won’t want pillow talk, won’t be open with their feelings and dreams and either doesn’t know how to contribute to an intimate relationship or doesn’t intend to.

Sudden sucking or blowing into a mouth, and doing something bazaar like licking teeth is typically done by someone who compensates for their insecurities by doing comical or outrageous things. This person either was the class clown at their school or they really wanted to be. And judging by their kissing they haven’t outgrown the mentality or improved their self image. Since they’re not enough in their own eyes they’ll either need to keep their partner feeling inferior too, or use them as a trophy to keep their own self esteem higher.

A kiss that starts out with nuzzling, a flick of the tongue tip and evolves into an intermixed soft and hard press of lips indicates a playful and sensual nature. This person enjoyed variety, teasing that delivers with a big finish but who is inclined to linger with the generous pleasure making.

An over abundance of saliva with sticky, gooey kisses are often accompanied by a tongue that just will not quit the oral examination of the other person’s mouth are pushy obtrusive people who cannot mind their own business, tend to be suspicious of other people’s motivations even when they’re good and are clingy and jealous.

Some people just don’t enjoy kissing at all. A quick obligatory peck with a spring back reflex away from the physical contact is all someone can hope for with this person. These people tend to be germaphobes who are meticulously neat, and frequently selfish. They will use a ruler to cut slices of pie and will skimp on foreplay and anniversary presents alike. If you like anything kinky or anything that involves bodily fluids, ever intend to have children or pets or want to genuinely feel loved an accepted- run like hell in the opposite direction.

Soft, sweet kisses tenderly bestowed indicate a care-taker who wants to really cherish someone. These gentle souls tend to get hurt often or deeply because they wear their heart on their sleeve but in a relationship they will do whatever they can to make the other person happy.

There is a shocking amount of information about a person packed in the smacking of lips. Before you pucker up next time, you might want to consider what you’ll be telling this person about you. Chances are it could make or break their opinion about your relationship compatibility.

A kiss is as individual as a fingerprint and just as revealing.

It is true that some people just haven’t had much experience kissing and the rawness of their inexperience will smooth out with practice. Hopefully they save their kisses for someone who will be understanding and nurturing so they can explore and perfect their personal style of physical contact.

Kissing can be a pleasurable experience and as most women would agree, tells an entire story about the person they are kissing: who this person is and what they will be like in a relationship. As it turns out, a kiss is not just a kiss.

And then there is the question of what a person does with their hands while kissing…

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