Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Letter to Neutrogena

I found this letter I wrote to the company almost a year ago. 
Just thought it would be fun to include here. 

Dear Neutrogena, 

I cannot express how disappointed and frustrated I was (and still am!!) to discover your Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (dry) Cleansing Clothes in the distinct peachy orange colored container are now no longer available in stores or online!
As someone plagued with acne, black heads and white heads since I was a pre-teen, I have struggled over the years to find products that do the job of cleaning oil, dirt and make-up but aren’t too harsh to my combination oily and dry/flaky skin. About 8 years ago I found your wonderful cloths and have been a loyal buyer of them ever since. I love the rough side that helps exfoliate and get rid of the dry peeling skin I get in certain areas and the smooth side to use on areas that don’t need as much exfoliating.

I take them everywhere, including on the airplane trips because they can be “activated” in the bathroom or in my seat with a dab of water but don’t actually contain water so they don’t leak. I keep them in my car and since there is no moisture in them, they are unaffected by heat or freezing temperatures. I also used the rough side to rub off temporary tattoos, Band-Aid sticky, tree sap from gardening and car grease while doing oil changes on my car. I take them back packing, on road trips, and until you discontinued them, was using them twice a day…EVERY DAY.  In short, they were a staple product in my household.

Since I typically buy them in bulk, I didn’t realize they were no longer being sold until about a week ago. I figured the store I typically buy them from was just back ordering, but after being unable to find them in any other store or online, I have finally come to realize with great dread that they are simply not available anymore.

Not only do I use them, but my three children, my boyfriend, his daughter and scores of my friend and family for several YEARS now, after I sold them on how great they are. And now… none of us can use them anymore.

As much as I loved the dry fabric-like clothes that were perfect for cleaning both my smoother skin areas and the deeper pours that collect dirt and makeup, I absolutely HATE the new “wipes” that have replaced them. Not only do they stink, they feel oily on my skin and hands and have a weird slimy texture that feels like I’m rubbing a rotting cabbage leaf on my face! I threw the whole package away after the first try! I will NOT use them!

I’ve started getting more breakout just in the last week since I ran out of the dry cloths. I’m a bit panicked over this since part of my job is to have clear, healthy looking skin.

I am writing to BEG you to bring the cleansing cloths back. I am desperate to have back the homeostasis I finally found when using your wonderful product! What can I say or do to compel you to bring them back to stores or at least make them available online??? I want my cleansing cloth feel-fresh mornings and nights back!!!!!!!

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