Saturday, November 30, 2013

Opinion: Making Thanksgiving For Everyone

Thanksgiving is considered an American holiday. And many would argue it's one tainted by a less than honorable past. In light of how "breaking bread" with the local indigenous people who essentially helped the first Pilgrims survive the harsh winter in a new land, and they later turned around and nearly drove them to extinction (along with the herds of buffalo), it's easy to see how some people fail to find a reason to celebrate the national holiday.

BUT, I honestly think that we can salvage the holiday and even make it go international.

Of course, we will need to separate it from it's checkered past and scrape away the fluff and commercialization that often gets attached to any reason for retailers to make a buck.

If you get to the root of the holiday, and really think about the name, what you get is something the entire planet can agree on. We all have reasons for "thanks giving". That is, reasons to be grateful for what we have, who we are and for being alive. And that's not just limited to America.  

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