Thursday, July 26, 2012


I'm guessing there are some things all writers have in common. A natural inquisitive nature, a strong desire for self-expression and some fascination with language.

Maybe it’s the flow of words. Or the meaning behind those words. Or the joy of just playing with words. Some days I toy with alliteration. Other days I focus on using as many words as I can with four or more syllables. Other time synonyms or antonyms are fun to explore.

Today for some reason, "ough" stuck out. And this is what became of it:

Thoughtlessness brought
what ought to be wrought
by those who aren’t doughty
but frough and without
honesty throughout
but suffer a drought
of happiness and fought
what should be lovingly sought.

Four little consecutive letters. Yet add vowels and consonants to the fronts or backs of them and you have different sounds performing an entirely different concept.


Why is that so intriguing? Beats me. Ask a different writer. Maybe they know.


Warren Ross said...

I often feel sort of 'ugh'. I ought to have thought more about it. The basis of something very fascinating.

Michael A said...

Perhaps it's much like the fascination with a blank canvas or a block of granite. From the same raw materials such a multitude of visions can be shaped. But I suppose that's more fascination with the human mind and it's unscopable capacity to create rather than a fascination with the materials themselves.

I believe I'm as miffed as you. There is something fascinating about the ability to manipulate and craft so many different effects from the same four consecutive letters. It somehow surpasses an artist mixing colors to create the perfect hue, but I can't say why. I think I'll hand off the baton to another writer too :)