Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pain That Leads to Pleasure

We humans act as though crying, sadness and unhappiness is an unnatural part of life. Certainly it is something to be avoided, possibly at all costs. No one really enjoys it. It doesn't seem to have any immediately obvious advantages and perhaps most importantly it doesn't make us or those who care about us feel good. And a life worth living, is marked by enjoyable experiences, love, laughter and heart swelling, mind blowing happiness. Right?

The fact is though suffering, challenges and even misery are not only a completely normal part of life, they're absolutely necessary.

Discomfort can be a beautiful thing. Discomfort forces people to re-evaluate their choices and actions. It forces them to move outside their comfort zone.

The drop in the pit if your stomach precedes the rush of thrill on a roller coaster ride and most extreme sports.

The ache of muscles being pushed beyond their comfort level is followed by increased strength and power.

The pain of life experience is what allows for competence, wisdom and the pleasure of good decision making. 

It's impossible to have an extraordinary life doing dull nothingness. You cannot achieve anything great without first being strained and stretched beyond what you were before.

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Anonymous said...

yes because how would you truly appreciate happiness without knowing misery or sadness. i think suffering whether it is yours or someone else teachs you not to take the joys of life for granted.